FEIN Starlock accessories are proven to last many times over that of comparable competitor blades, offering enormous value when comparing price to the life-time of the blade. That’s precisely why many thousands of professional British tradesman buy with us.

That said, we at FEIN UK have listened to requests for assortments of accessories in ‘blister pack’ form, and responded with The Great British Value Pack range - five value packs, recognised with the orange backing card which give the same FEIN premium quality but at a better value price.

One such value pack is the three-part set for floor renovation work such as shortening door jams, the accurate machining of parquet boards, and the cutting of skirting boards once fitted. It can also aid in removing adhesive residue, elastic sealing materials or leftover carpet cleaning.

Another is the best of sanding set, our largest accessory set deal, and ideal for multi-tool users depending on the machine to deliver sanding work on corners and edges on a regular basis. The pack provides large circular and small triangular pads, with 16 accompanying pads of various GRIT levels. We have also thrown in a triangular carbide rasp too.

TREADSURE Arkad Health & Safety Limited

TREADSURE Traction Enhancement treatment decreases the risk of slips and falls by increasing the traction of surfaces without changing the physical properties of the treated surface.

The unique nanotechnology allows the treatment of indoor and outdoor surfaces where a slip and fall hazard is present. This can be completed in a short period of time with little interruption to the usual foot traffic, minimising downtime and loss of production.

Slip and fall hazards are an ever-present danger in our lives. They can be disruptive to our health, families, businesses and profits. They can even be fatal. Whether you are at work or enjoying a leisure activity the risk of slipping and falling is almost always present.

With TREADSURE it is inexpensive to treat large areas and can be applied in high-traffic areas with minimal inconvenience. It does not change or damage the physical properties of the treated surface and cannot create ‘trip hazards’ like some other anti-slip solutions.

The traction enhancement treatment can be completed in less than two hours with little interruption to regular foot traffic. In business this results in minimal downtime and loss of production. No special skills or equipment are required therefore treatment can be completed by anyone using a pump spray, mop and bucket.

TREADSURE is the only product available for the direct treatment of footwear to increase traction.

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