Tarkett’s award-winning new collection, iD Supernature and iD Tattoo was created to reveal the potential of modular vinyl materials for designing remarkable interiors. The combination of iD Supernature and iD Tattoo allows architects and designers to reinvent flooring through the customisation of modular vinyl, and to design inspirational and sophisticated spaces.

Drawing inspiration from organic sources, iD Supernature offers a selection of subtle textures based on natural materials (like wood, stone and concrete) in 16 shades. The collection builds on Tarkett’s commitment to innovation to ensure a non-repetition pattern of up to 12m2

. With 12 possible formats — including planks and hexagons —

architects and designers will have plenty of scope for mixing, matching and customising to achieve unique designs.

Adding yet another layer of customisation, iD Tattoo allows architects and designers to take their designs a step further by combining natural and graphic elements. Architects and designers can choose from a selection of 10 ‘tattoo’ patterns, adding iD Tattoo to their chosen iD Supernature base. This unleashes the potential for extensive personalisation, with the choice of either tone-on-tone or colourful renderings. With their ability to be applied all over— rather than being limited to plank-by-plank or tile-by-tile application – iD Tattoo’s patterns are very versatile, giving designers the freedom to let their imagination soar.

With its modularity, extensive library of possible designs and ability to be customised, Tarkett’s new collection is well-suited for a range of industries.

Discover the online configurator at:

16 AWARDS 2019 www.profe

IN-GROOVE modulyss

modulyss has expanded its In-groove collection of air-purifying carpet tiles with four brand new colours. These new looks bring extra design possibilities to the collection that has been a proven aid to indoor air quality since 2011.

In-groove uses a thick yarn and special grid structure to capture up to six times more fine dust than hard flooring. The collection has been tested by the certified testing institute GUI and obtained the GUI – Fine Particulate Matter test mark. Also complying with the strictest PM2.5 norm, In-groove meets one of the requirements for a gold standard.

Made with Aqualon HD yarn, the striking linear design of In-groove now comes in seven functional colours, ideal for a sophisticated look in heavy traffic areas across a wide-range of environments including offices, schools and airports. Hardwearing, functional and stylish, In- groove brings better indoor air for all.

Vanessa Van Overmeeren, Product Development Manager said: “We designed In-groove as an answer to dealing with the problem of indoor air quality. The carpet tile offers architects and designers a simple way to reduce airborne dust, all while delivering a hardwearing and attractive floorcovering.”

Achieving CRI Green Label Plus, the 1/10th gauge loop pile carpet tile comes with recycled content Back2Back backing, or can be specified with dBack - orders over 100m2

- to improve the working environment

yet further with a reduction in impact sound of 42dB.

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