Polyx-Oil Express from Osmo UK is a premium fast-drying wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. Taking just 1.5 hours to dry in between coats, Polyx-Oil Express offers a solution that eliminates long downtime, whilst still providing all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish.

Ideal for solid wood and plank wood flooring, blackstrip, OSB and cork floors, as well as furniture, Polyx-Oil Express is a high-quality, water- repellent and dirt-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. It is the fastest drying product that Osmo UK has ever created. It dries within 1.5 hours in between coats when used with the Osmo UK 6632 Hardener.

Polyx-Oil Express is available in a clear-satin finish for a subtle, noble shimmer that resembles satin and emphasises the wood grain modestly, and a clear-matt finish for an almost completely natural look, with light reflections diffused.

Osmo UK Polyx-Oil Express is also extremely easy to apply. Simply mix the hardener into the finish and then apply two coats thinly along the wood grand with a natural bristle brush or microfibre roller. brush on to the wood surface to achieve deep, long-lasting penetration.

Offering all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish, Polyx-Oil combines the smooth surface of conventional lacquers, and the ease of application of a water-based finish, while managing to eliminate the inherent disadvantages of these other types of finish.


A champion of high-level performance, versatility and value for money, Pro-Screed Gold is the two-part

from floorwise, the screed and adhesive experts.

High-quality powder and latex liquid combine to make Pro-Screed Gold the go-to bag and bottle levelling and smoothing choice, this product’s far-reaching credentials making it the ideal companion to installers who demand nothing but the best. With Pro-Screed Gold there is no need to prime, meaning installers can reduce time spent on-site, with rapid setting and excellent flow properties also adding to the product’s ease of use.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise said: “Since its launch a year ago, Pro Screed Gold has been enjoyed by contractors and installers for its versatility and value for money. But it is a 90-minute setting time that really sets Pro-Screed Gold apart, saving precious time no matter what conditions they may face upon arrival at site.”

Pro-Screed Gold can be used over old adhesive residue to again increase the speed of a job, and is compatible with underfloor heating systems. floorwise’s latest two-part levelling and smoothing compound is also moisture tolerant, ensuring an installation of supreme quality no matter the condition of the subfloor, and even when the presence of a DPM is lacking.

Meeting the performance levels of the very best competition in the market, Pro-Screed Gold lives up to its name in helping to provide gold standard installations, and is available from floorwise distributors throughout the UK and Ireland now. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2019 23 levelling and smoothing compound

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