F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s ‘System LVT’ is made up of specially selected products from the company’s range, which used together are designed to deliver optimum results when installing luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs). System LVT comprises the company’s Stopgap 300 HD heavy duty floor levelling compound, Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, Stopgap P131 general-purpose primer and F. Ball’s recently- introduced primer for non-absorbent surfaces, Stopgap P141.

Stopgap P131 promotes adhesion and prevents unacceptably rapid drying of adhesives and levelling compounds applied to absorbent surfaces. Stopgap P141 is a fast-drying acrylic primer specially formulated to promote adhesion between Stopgap levelling compounds and non-absorbent subfloors. It creates a hard, textured surface to enhance bond performance between non-absorbent surfaces and subsequently applied flooring preparation products.

It is also

recommended for use where levelling compounds will be applied at thicknesses above 20mm as it’s better able to withstand the increased stresses that these exert when drying.

To ensure a perfectly smooth and durable base ahead of installing LVTs, F. Ball recommends its Stopgap 300 HD levelling compound – for its fast-drying and excellent self-levelling properties, as well as its high compressive strength, making it ideal for installing designer floorcoverings.

Styccobond F46 is a solvent-free, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, which provides strong initial tack and high bond strength, which increases as it is trafficked. The extended open time afforded by the adhesive reduces the risk of late placement, making it suitable for installing more complex designs and patterns. It is also specially formulated to reduce the incidence of trowel serrations shadowing through thin vinyl floorcoverings. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2019 27


The new TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner from Diversey can be carried comfortably as a portable electric model but is also available in a battery powered version for the ultimate in agility and convenience. Its unique 3-in-1 capability allows it to be used as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum or as a blower.

The compact portable design makes the TASKI AERO BP ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to access with a conventional equipment. These include busy entrances and congested schools, office buildings or public transport. The battery model offers ultimate performance in high circulation areas, or anywhere the presence of the public makes safety a priority, because there are no trailing power leads.

The TASKI AERO BP is among the lightest backpack vacuums. Its ultra-slim profile and high-quality rucksack material make it extremely comfortable to carry. The near-perfect weight distribution across the user’s back ensures maximum comfort. The overall weight of the electric version is just 4.7kg, while the battery version barely exceeds this at 5.3kg.

Lithium battery technology gives users the confidence of high flexibility and autonomy. The TASKI AERO BP Lithium model can be fully recharged in as little as 90 minutes and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This effectively means it offers limitless autonomy. The electric version has an A-rated energy classification and delivers an impressive 30ltr/ sec of suction while the Lithium version delivers an effective rate of 22ltr/sec of suction.

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