REGUPUR RANGE CMS Danskin Acoustics

CMS Danskin Acoustics, one of the UK’s leading providers of acoustic solutions has launched Regupur, a new range of screeding products, which complements the Regupol portfolio of acoustic underlayments. Offered as a complete system with a single manufacturer guarantee, Regupur combined with Regupol smoothest floor finishes on the market.

is designed to provide one of the

With the demand for luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) on the rise, an extremely level subfloor to SR1 is crucial for achieving the highest quality finish and protecting the aesthetic design. The Regupur range assists with this by providing access to a choice of two self-levelling screeds, a priming product and an optional moisture vapour barrier.

Dependent on individual site requirements, Regupur is available as a water-based or latex self-levelling screed. Water-based Regulevel 1 is a fibre reinforced levelling compound which can be hand or pump applied to deliver a screed up to 40mm thick in a single application. Regulevel 2 is a latex-based screed for levelling and smoothing differences from 3-10mm.

When Regupol materials are installed on top of the Regupur screed, this delivers a robust and flat surface which provides the ideal base on which to install LVTs, ceramic tiles and any other final floor finish.

Where the cement-based substrate contains high residual moisture generally above 75% RH, the Regupur range also offers Regushield as an optional addition to the complete system and for application prior to the priming process. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2019 25


The Scala Solutions line of impervious-backed polypropylene carpet is famed for its practicality and home-like appeal, seeing it a popular choice in social housing, care homes and education environments.

Made by Lano in Belgium, Scala Twist is a new style to add depth to this proven range through a classic 1/8th gauge twist-pile in a 1,200g/ m2 weight. Featuring a two-ply Essenz solution dyed yarn, Scala Twist is stain-resistant and will not fade, even under intensive cleaning schedules. With a newly developed impervious foam back, Scala Twist is ready for the most rigorous use.

Available four-metre wide, Scala Twist comes in a palette of 20 colours, reflecting its dual role in commercial and education with workman blues and charcoals and in environments needing a home-like feel in classic neutrals.

Gary Alp, UK Sales Manager said: “The Scala Solutions range is well- established in the contract sector and has become a stalwart for many contractors and retailers undergoing soft-contract installations. Now with the introduction of Scala Twist we are giving the range even more depth, keeping its integrity as a true all-rounder, just as capable in a commercial environment as it is in a care home or school.”

With the impervious foam backing improving the carpet’s comfort, acoustic and thermal insulation, Scala Twist enhances the performance of solution-dyed Essenz yarn, for a carpet that performs just as good as it looks.

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