MOVE-IT PADS Stroolmount

With Move-it Pads, heavy furniture smoothly glides over solid flooring and tiles without scratching, over carpets without rippling and even over non-stick surfaces.

They protect fitters’ backs, plus prevent furniture legs and joints from fatally lurching to one side.

Use Move-it Pads whenever your move furniture when laying flooring, when cleaning, redecorating, or rearranging layouts.

Stop your best-laid plans ending in ruins.

Picture this. You’ve done the hard work and sold a new floor. The fitters clear the room’s furniture.

They meticulously lay the flooring: it looks as good as your showroom. The sideboard, welsh dresser and dining table are too heavy to lift. They’ll need sliding back into place.

Then disaster happens and the new floor is scratched. Your customer demands compensation. Your boss is fuming and spends precious time placating the customer, agreeing to replace the damaged floor. The insurance will kick in, but premiums will be up next year.

Another fitting day is arranged. New flooring is ordered. Furniture is removed – the new floor laid. The fitters bust a gut lifting the furniture back in without damaging the floor – again!

If only someone could help move it for you. Stroolmount’s Move-it Pads can.

Watch the video: The sol id oak sideboard sl ides so easi ly:

20 AWARDS 2019

NORAMENT GRANO nora systems

The best-selling norament grano range from nora systems has been refreshed with an updated colour range.

nora systems’ rubber covering norament grano was launched on the market 30 years ago. With its characteristic granular pattern, it has been a mainstay of the norament series ever since. But even classic floorings get a bit outdated over time, and so over the years small changes have been made to the range.

The rubber flooring now features both a totally updated and modern colour palette and matching granulates that are more harmonious than before, with less contrast with the basic colour. Customers have a total of 32 different colours to choose from in the standard range that achieve a delicate balance between the respective basic colour and complementary granular accents.

norament grano is particularly popular for its unique durability that lasts for many years thanks to the flooring’s extremely dense and impervious surface. This is why norament grano can be found on factory floors all over the world. However, planners, construction managers and users of public buildings, educational institutions and healthcare facilities also benefit greatly from the flooring’s outstanding resistance to wear and tear.

The comprehensive range is supplemented by many items including steptreads, matching skirtings and stair angles. Thanks to the distribution of granulates, dust and dirt are hardly visible, meaning that the flooring always looks perfectly maintained even when subject to heavy use or frequent foot traffic.

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