The Sika-ComfortFloor range is suitable for a range of applications such as schools, kitchens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities where individual design needs to be combined with comfort and care. This seamless, resin-based product offers true quality, durability and versatility to provide a cleaner, smarter alternative to traditional vinyl flooring, carpet or timber. An easily applied high performance liquid, this hardwearing system is available in an expansive range of colours to meet a wealth of aesthetic requirements.

Ideal for applications where exceptional hygiene standards are crucial, this seamless flooring surface is easily cleaned and maintained. Additionally, Sika ComfortFloor’s chemical composition and texture absorb impact, granting it excellent acoustic insulation. There are various systems within the Sika ComfortFloor range to suit various environments and applications. These range from the durable ComfortFloor Tough system - suitable for heavy trafficked areas - to ComfortFloor Pro, a build-up system which includes Regupol matting for additional cushioning underfoot. This ensures Sika ComfortFloor’s flexibility to serve any number of requirements in relation to comfort, design and budget.

This flooring system is highly-suitable for sales premises, showrooms, entrance halls, lobbies, open-plan offices, museums as well as residential, educational and health establishments. ComfortFloor became the first resin flooring solution in the market to be classified with the BRE Green Guide’s highest A+ rating, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the industry. Combining innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and technical expertise, the Sika ComfortFloor range will meet and exceed client expectations, industry best practices, building regulations and legislation. 26 AWARDS 2019 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...

STG450 The Preparation Group

The most versatile machine available, the STG450 does it all. By interchanging a huge array of accessories, from metal drive plates to diamond cleaning pads, it prepares, removes and finishes almost any surface.

The STG450 grinds, sands, keys, cleans and polishes. It is designed for tough jobs including the removal of laitance, adhesives and coatings, sanding wood and grinding and smoothing concrete and terrazzo, through to the precise stages of polishing hard floors and on-going floorcare.

Adapting the STG450 for multi-functional use is easy. A quick click and twist action, or simply place a pad under the machine and it is ready to go – no tools are needed. This makes it ideal for undertaking different floor refurbishment operations in a restricted timetable. Attachments include; Heavy Duty Drive Plates, PCD Plates, Copper Discs, Black Sanding Discs, Scrubbing Pads, Nylon Brushes, Mesh Discs, specialist SFD’s (Surface Finishing Diamond Pads) and Storm Diamond Cleaning Pads.

The STG450 is operated by a simple lever, there are no complicated switches and a dust skirt minimises pollution when fitted to a vacuum unit. It can also be used wet with an optional water tank, for eco- friendly polishing of hard surfaces to a high-gloss finish. It presents a low-cost option with virtually no maintenance, combined with high levels of productivity. Available in 110v, 230v or 415v options to suit all industries and for sale or hire, it is easy to transport and store.


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