In 10 incredible fusionist designs that artfully blend layers of abstract pattern and familiar floral and geometric motifs, Havana is the latest Ready to Go narrowloom carpet range from Wilton Carpets. Crafted specifically to cater for the needs of the pub/bar, leisure and restaurant sector, Havana’s cocktail themed designs bring striking modern design in colourways for the latest interior looks.

Designs such as Pina Colada, Mint Julep, Bellini and Black Velvet use Wilton’s brand-new Creations colour palette to dazzling result, offering beautiful base colour combinations of blue and grey with popping highlights of rust and lime green lifting these designs beyond the norm. Whether late-night cocktail bar or traditional country pub, Havana is certain to lift the mood and set a thoroughly elegant tone.

Damian Roscoe, Head of Creative, Wilton Carpets, said: “Havana is one of four new ranges to use our brand-new Creations, a colour palette made for modern hospitality and leisure environments. Packed full of on-trend blues and greys, the range is a great way to introduce a sophisticated contemporary look in a ‘stock’ carpet that’s made specifically for pubs, bars and restaurants.”

The narrowloom 0.91m width is ideal for the often-complex layouts of these establishments, working with designs that can go wall-to-wall in even the most historic of buildings without a straight wall in sight. Axminster woven in a durable, seven-row quality from a wool-rich blend that’s perfect for corridors, lounge areas and busy bars, Havana’s dark base colours and patterns also work to hide dirt between cleans.

HD FLOOR + WALL EW99 Bradite

Bradite offers tough and hardwearing floor paint for a number of surfaces. The heavy duty EW99 two-pack water-based epoxy coating and finish paint is suitable for concrete, steel, ceramic and terracotta tiles.

Available in a standard and non-slip form it is great for accident prone areas. Both are unaffected by minor spillages of chemicals, detergents and oils, and have excellent water resistance so you can be sure it can stand the test of time

EW99 provides superior resistance to fork-lift traffic and chemicals with no tainting or odour when in use. Its easy-to-clean finish makes it ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, hospitals, food preparation areas, breweries and bakeries for example.

Being highly durable it will last against areas with high foot traffic so you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance. It can be applied to steel, wood that has been suitably prepared and primed and concrete that has no contamination or dust on the surface. Tweet us @TContractFloors

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