Entrance matting manufacturer COBA Flooring has launched an innovative application called Entrance Architect. The app, for phones and tablets, supports the entrance matting specification process and is a handy tool for architects, specifiers, flooring contractors and end-users.

Developed in-house by COBA’s marketing team and entrance matting experts, the app includes a simple decision tree posing a series of questions to users about the type of project they are working on. It then recommends the most suitable product/s for that specific project, with the ability to access technical specifications and images for a more comprehensive insight.

COBA’s informative application shows how entrance matting products can be used to create inspiring designs that really enhance a building at

Entrance Architect makes the sharing of the point of entry. There is the option to view real case studies

highlighting how a product is being successfully used in a range of different environments, as well as the ability to download data sheets.

quick and easy too with convenient email functionality.

information with colleagues Furthermore,

there is a button to contact the COBA Flooring Sales team giving swift access to an entrance matting expert, who can knowledgeably answer any further queries.

The information doesn’t stop here. Entrance Architect features a number of useful resources, including COBA Flooring’s latest CPD about entrance matting specification.

Entrance Architect is available for free on Android and iOS, and is compatible with both phones and tablets. Tweet us @TContractFloors


FILA provides a complete support for the treatment, protection and maintenance of porcelain tiles and natural stone surfaces and offers technical assistance worldwide. The FILA KITCERAMICA has been designed specifically for the correct cleaning, protection and maintenance of porcelain tiles and cement-based grout joints. This is a practical and compact kit that provides all the tools needed by tile installers to completely remove grout residue, protect grout joints and a daily maintenance system for end users. The FILA KITCERAMICA is composed of three products: DETERDEK, FUGAPROOF, and FILACLEANER, along with product instructions on the correct application methods.

DETERDEK is a strong detergent for the initial cleaning of ceramic tiles. It eliminates all cement grout residue, post-application deposits, building- site dirt, rust stains and lime-scale without changing the appearance of the surface of the porcelain tile. It does not produce harmful fumes and it does not change the colour of the steel and aluminum profiles.

FUGAPROOF is a grout joints stain protector against dirt, cooking oils, wine, mould, and comes in a very convenient aerosol free spray-applicator.

FILACLEANER is a concentrated pH neutral detergent that cleans all type of surfaces, even the most delicate. It is a FILA Green Action product and it respects the environment and the user. With a high dilution ratio (1:200 for daily maintenance), there is no need to rinse, as it does not leave any residues.

FILA KITCERAMICA is chosen by individuals who take pride and want the correct care for their porcelain surfaces, because it ensures the tiles are as clean as day one. AWARDS 2019 13

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