NenoVision LiteScope™ – Compact AFM for your Scanning Electron Microscope

Te NenoVision AFM LiteScope™ can be integrated into many SEMs

to extend

the capabilities of AFM and SEM instruments. Te LiteScope offers precise AFM tip navigation, in situ 3D surface characterization, material and topography contrast, height/depth

profiling, and properties. Te LiteScope is

measurement of electrical or mechanical equipped with a unique CPEM™

technique for true correlative imaging, which enables simultaneous acquisition and direct correlation of SEM and AFM images.


Air Science® Fume Box™ Ductless Enclosures

Te Air Science® Fume Box™ ductless enclosures are an effective solution to air filtration needs. Designed to protect the user from chemicals, vapors, or powders during low-volume chemical manipulations, the Fume Box employs advanced carbon filtration technology to offer a safe, high-

performance alternative to conventional ducted fume hoods for a wide range of applications in varied industry settings.

Air Science

Leica Microsystems DM6 M LIBS: Visual and Chemical Inspection in One Step

Te integrated laser spectroscopy

function of the DM6 M LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) delivers the chemical composition of the microstructure that you see in the microscope

image—within a second.

Identify the microstructure composition of interest, and then trigger the LIBS analysis

with a single click to visually inspect and chemically analyze a sample. Perform advanced material analysis 90% faster compared to SEM/EDS.

Leica Microsystems

Digital Surf Releases Mountains® 8 Image and Surface Analysis Software

Digital Surf has released its new Mountains® 8 soſtware platform that builds on the Mountains® 7 platform introduced in 2013 that by most microscope


is provided profiler

manufacturers with their instruments. Mountains® 8 incorporates significant

new contributions from SPIP™ 6 soſtware originally developed by Image Metrology. Mountains® 8 also provides an increase in calculation speed, new types of surface data analysis, greater interactivity, and over a hundred new features.

Digital Surf

38 doi:10.1017/S1551929519001135

Linkam’s Optical DSC450 Differential

scanning calorimetry

(DSC) is a technique used to measure the temperature and heat flow associated with thermal transitions in materials. The optical DSC450 system has been optimized to measure the transition temperatures and enthalpy changes in samples. The design allows

mounting of the stage on a microscope, which enables image and time lapse recording of sample transitions at high resolution. Color-coded imaging or morphological changes can be correlated with temperature and phase transitions.

Linkam Scientific

Protochips AXON™ Software

Protochips AXON soſtware changes the in situ TEM experience. It puts the sample front and center as one changes in situ conditions, even at extreme magnifications. Focus is on the sample, at all the key moments when capturing data. AXON is designed to streamline the process of collecting quality data. Experiment conditions

are synchronized with images, making data analysis easier before and aſter the imaging session.


Bruker Introduces Light-Sheet Microscope

Bruker has released the Luxendo LCS SPIM light- sheet fluorescence microscope for 3D imaging of large, optically cleared samples. Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy is a powerful method for high-resolution, cleared-sample imaging. Te modular Luxendo LCS SPIM has been designed to be compatible with a broad variety of clearing solutions and sample sizes. Its new sample

mounting approach and innovative optical design enables unprecedented acquisition times and minimizes sample distortions while seamlessly integrating into existing clearing and sample preparation pipelines.


Four New ZEISS Axiocam Cameras

ZEISS has released four new high- quality CMOS cameras for digital imaging in

light microscopy. Te

ZEISS Axiocam 705 color and 712 color cameras deliver the best possible image quality for histology, pathology, and material

research analyses with excellent color rendition and improved

dynamic range. Te ZEISS Axiocam 705 mono and 712 mono are ideal for fluorescence live-cell imaging with fast frame rates and high dynamic range. Teir near-IR sensitivity provides deeper insights into sample structures.

ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions • 2020 January

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