VS200 Slide Scanner

Reliable, Flexible, and High-Troughput Slide Scanning enables higher resolution and flatter images for outstanding digital slides for quantitative data analysis by employing Olympus X Line objectives. Te SLIDEVIEW™

captures high-

quality virtual slide images, offers flexibility to empower advanced quantitative image analysis for brain, cancer, stem cell and drug discovery research. Its intuitive workflows enable users to start scanning a slide in as few as two clicks. Imaging modes include brightfield, fluorescence, darkfield, phase contrast and polarization.


Linkam Updates Cryo Stage for Correlative Microscopy

Te CMS196V3 Cryo-Correlative Microscopy

system enables a full workflow for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) for correlation of high-resolution structural information with biochemical processes within cells. Tis model can integrate with a

wide range of research-grade upright microscopes and offers enhanced sample stability for cryo-imaging, improved sample handling, and reduced sample contamination. It maintains the sample’s vitrified state by liquid nitrogen cooling, providing proven capabilities to safely handle and transfer cryo samples.

Linkam Scientific

Tomocube Wins Microscopy Today Innovation Award for HT-2 Microscope

Te world’s first holotomographic microscope with 3D fluorescence was recognized as a photonics breakthrough by the 2019

Microscopy Today Innovation Awards. Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) of

label-free 3D refractive index (RI) tomography combined

with fluorescence imaging reveals the structure, volume, surface area, concentration, and dry matter mass of individual live cells in real time. Holotomography and fluorescence correlative analysis in 2D, 3D,

and 4D will advance research for a better understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.


Coxem Announces a New Representative

Kardon Consulting announced a new representative for element Pi and Coxem electron microscopes in the Northeast US. Don Becker of Kardon Consulting said, “Element Pi and Coxem have experienced sustained growth over the last few years by offering electron microscopes and accessories that provide advanced features at an affordable price.” Kardon provides sales and support for Coxem SEMs, and accessories such as vibration isolation solutions, sputter coaters, microscopy soſtware, and more.

Kardon Consulting

2020 January •

Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Plant in Wuxi, China

Pfeiffer Vacuum celebrated the expansion of its facility in Wuxi, China, on October 23, 2019. Doubling its original size, the new facility marks a milestone in Pfeiffer Vacuum’s

development in China. It

allows better response to local customer needs while supporting growth in the coating and semiconductor market. Te larger facility will allow for production

of dry pumps, new leak detection systems, and the assembly of pumping stations.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

XEI Scientific Awarded Patent for External Hollow Cathode

XEI Scientific was awarded the patent Plasma Device with External RF Hollow Cathode for Plasma Cleaning of High Vacuum Systems used in Evactron® E-50 and U50 models. Te E-50 is XEI‘s most popular in situ downstream plasma cleaner for SEMs, with easy plasma ignition directly from high

vacuum using the “POP” ignition process. Te electrode is outside the plasma to eliminate particulate production. Tis hollow cathode source operates with 50 watts of RF power to generate the plasma.

XEI Scientific cathode-design

Olympus Objectives Receive Innovation Award

Olympus’ X Line™ series objectives have been awarded a Laser Focus World Innovation Award. Te X Line objectives were designed with new manufacturing technology that creates lenses with shapes that are difficult to fabricate using other methods. Te result is improved image flatness, chromatic aberration correction, and numerical aperture. With these advancements, users can acquire bright, high- quality images throughout the entire field of view, helping to improve quantitative data acquisition and the speed of creating large, stitched images.

Olympus ser-focus-world-innovation-award

KMLabs Laser Products Acquired by Thorlabs

Thorlabs has acquired the KMLabs’ Y-Fi™ portfolio, a family of high average power, high repetition rate NIR/MIR ultrafast fiber lasers, OPAs, and NOPAs. Based on a patented fiber amplification technique, KMLabs’ ytterbium fiber lasers provide industry- leading short pulse durations at the microjoule level. The various models in the Y-Fi laser series are employed in a multitude of demanding ultrafast applications, including 2- and 3-photon imaging, ophthalmology, and time-resolved studies in the NIR and MIR.

Thorlabs and KMLabs, Inc. and


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