Te Program Committee, together with the symposium

organizers, has developed an exciting group of symposia that spans topics including advances in instrumentation and tech- niques development, as well as applications in the analytical, bio- logical, and physical sciences. We encourage you to browse the Call for Papers for the complete list of symposia and to submit one or more contributions for platform or poster presentations. To honor his memory and many seminal contributions in

the use of optical microscopy in the biological sciences, we will have the Jim Pawley Memorial Symposium. Tis symposium dovetails nicely with many other M&M 2020 symposia that investigate the limits and applications of optical microscopy. Other life science symposia will cover a range of interesting topics, from proteins to cells and from microbes to plants. Specific symposia will address topics such as super-resolution visualization of cellular processes, morphogenesis, pathology, pharmaceuticals, 3D structures in cells, and diagnosis of dis- eases in humans, plants, and animals. Physical science symposia at M&M 2020 will focus on

analysis of various materials. Topics include, but are not lim- ited to the following: batteries and fuel cells, 2D and quantum materials, single atoms, biomimetic and biogenic materials, nuclear and “hot” materials, thin films, failure analysis, ceram- ics, metals, and out-of-this-world planet-forming materials. A number of instrumentation and techniques symposia

related to both the physical and life sciences are also included in the program. Examples include the always-popular Vendor Sym- posium, where instrument developers and builders showcase new developments and improved products, soſtware, and algorithms, as well as topics like artificially intelligent TEMs, machine learn- ing, 4D-STEM, cryoEM, electron tomography, super-resolution microscopy, ultra-high-resolution electron energy loss spectros- copy, ultrafast electron microscopy, focused ion beam applications, synchrotron- and lab-based X-ray imaging, advanced analytical electron microscopy, surface and subsurface microscopies, qualita- tive analysis of samples, scanning probe microscopy developments, high-resolution microscopies, in situ electron microscopy, corre- lated and multi-modal microscopy, and atom probe tomography. Education and training opportunities are also important

components of the M&M technical program each year, and M&M 2020 is no exception. Six Sunday short courses address- ing topics in material science, biology, and data analysis will be presented. Tutorials addressing techniques in biology and physical sciences will also be presented during the meeting week. Tis year, the tutorials will cover the cutting-edge sub- jects of machine learning, 4D-STEM, in situ and operando EM, and cryoEM. Te Technologists’ Forum will host invited experts in two exciting roundtable discussions: “Commercial Technical Careers in Microscopy – No PhD? No Worries” and “DIY: Microscopy-Inspired Mkrspace 3D Printing.” Last but not least, there will be a full complement of Micros-

copy Outreach sessions in Milwaukee: ProjectMICRO, our popu- lar microscopy outreach workshop, will be in the MegaBooth all week. See different microscope systems and learning stations for use in the classroom, peruse books suitable for elementary-school- age children, and share your experiences of how you have fun with microscopy. Microscopy in the Classroom returns aſter a year’s hiatus and will be presented consecutively with a new “STEM Roundtable” session. Come join the conversation with educators, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders who are invested in

2020 January • 17

STEM education! Te successful Outreach STEM workshop held in Portland in 2019 will again be held at M&M 2020 and will be partnered with a local university for a unique educational experi- ence for high school and undergraduate students. A large number of social activities including the open-

ing reception, refreshments during the daily poster sessions, student and postdoctoral scholar mixers, and many vendor- sponsored events will be available for socializing with new and longtime friends. During the poster sessions we will announce the prize-winning posters each day, the Diatome award for the best poster utilizing ultramicrotomy, the Microscopy Today Innovation and Micrograph Awards contests, and the very popular Passport to Prizes with some outstanding giſts spon- sored by our exhibitors. In addition, we are excited to announce that M&M will once again offer Childcare Service for children between ages of 6 months and 12 years to support parents with young children so they can attend the many meeting events. For a complete description of the M&M 2020 technical

program and educational opportunities, please go to http:// Details for the Call for Papers and other aspects of the program and meeting are pro- vided under the “Scientific Program” button. Te Executive Program Committee welcomes you to Mil-

waukee for an excellent and compelling M&M 2020. Catch up with old friends and make new ones! Look for opportunities to attend society business meetings and socials during the week. On behalf of MSA and MAS, in cooperation with over 100 symposia organizers and countless volunteers, we look for- ward to seeing you in Milwaukee this August!

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