A New AXT Website AXT, based in Australia, is a leading supplier of a wide range of high-technology scientific equipment for sample preparation and analysis for academic and industrial applications in geology, life sciences, mining and resources, and nanotechnology. Te website below provides dynamic segments, such as the life sciences link shown here, that are directed to the latest technologies in an area of interest.


INFINITY ANALYZE 7 Microscopy Software by Teledyne Lumenera

Teledyne Lumenera has released the INFINITY ANALYZE 7 soſtware for microscope

camera high-quality control, images with image

capture, and image processing for the life sciences, clinical, and industrial research applications. Te soſtware allows production of


and reproducibility in bright-field or fluorescence modes. INFINITY ANALYZE 7 includes a new fluorescence mode with streamlined image processing, improved application usability for better workflow, and application settings to facilitate shared equipment environments.

Teledyne Lumenera

Photonic Science Announces its New SWIR HDR Camera

Te new SWIR HDR camera from Photonic Science

features in-camera corrections

and a high dynamic range mode with an InGaAs sensor that has 640 × 512 pixels at 15 μm pitch. Frame rates up to 300 fps are available with excellent performance for semiconductor

inspection, hyperspectral

imaging, photoluminescence, and laser beam profiling applications. Four-point in-camera non-uniformity corrections, low defective pixel count, and a HDR mode for extended dynamic range are also available.

Photonic Science

Hemco Vented Hood Tabletop Workstation 24200

HEMCO provides a versatile vented hood system for sample preparation in histology, microprocessor stations,

student workstations,

development, microscope and


handling of pharmaceuticals. Constructed of chemical-resistant,

lightweight, advanced composites, it can be moved as procedures

and workflow change. Dimensions are 24″ wide × 15″ deep × 24″ high. Te molded chemically resistant work surface is recessed to contain spillage, and a 3″ diameter outlet collar is provided for duct connection.


36 doi:10.1017/S1551929519001123

Allied Vision Announces Three New High-Resolution Prosilica GT Cameras

Te new Prosilica GT Large Format cameras with Sony Pregius™ CMOS sensors leverage high-resolution imaging systems to the next-level. With resolutions up to 31.4 MP at varied aspect ratios, versatile high-definition imaging applications can be addressed, with demanding requirements on robustness and design-in flexibility. Specifications for the Prosilica GT 6400, 5400, and 4400 cameras can be found at the website below.

Allied Vision

Boston Electronics New Microscope Temperature Controller

Boston Electronics VAHEAT dynamic thermal control allows precise control of

temperature in live tissue samples,

maintaining true and accurate temperature of samples within the field of view of the microscope. Even when

working with immersion medium, VAHEAT avoids excessive heating of the objective or other optical components. VAHEAT uniquely maintains temperature in samples that are prepared on a smart substrate (disposable) that is equipped with a transparent heating element and a precise temperature probe.

Boston Electronics Corporation

First UV-C LED Product Certified to NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard

AquiSense Technologies has the world’s first NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Standard for its PearlAqua Micro range. Te PearlAqua Micro is the world’s smallest UV-C LED water treatment system. Te range

includes 5 discrete model sizes, offering flow rates of up to 8 lpm and third-party validation disinfection performance of up to 6-log (99.9999%) pathogen reduction. It can be integrated at the point of use and offers 12 or 24 VDC input voltage, automatic on/off control, multiple sensing/alarm options, and customizable housing options.

Aquisense Technologies

Canon Medical Acquires Toshiba’s Imaging Systems Division

Te Video Sensing Division of Canon Medical Systems USA,

Inc. (Tustin, CA)

announced that Canon Medical will complete its acquisition of the Video Sensing Division (VSD), formerly known as TAIS’ Imaging Systems Division (ISD), effective

October 1, 2019. Globally, the professional video camera business has been integral to the Japan-based Canon Medical organization since October 2016.

Canon Medical Systems USA • 2020 January

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