Care packages are parcels of goods sent to a person,such as someone who has just moved away from family,and can contain a variety of items, including food or study sup- plies. Like the name implies,“care packages” are sent to show you care. “The pandemic that is going around the globe certainly has shown everyone the importance of connecting with friends, fami- lies and communities. In such, keeping in touch with loved ones has made all of us think of creative ways to show our love and appreciation,”said Sylvie Lapointe, media relations manager for Canada Post. “Beginning in March 2020,Canada Post

quickly adapted its entire operations to focus on safely operating during a pandemic — while maintaining an essential service. Throughout this time,Canada Post has been working with local public health agencies across the country — while also following guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada.We have implemented safety meas- ures in all our facilities, which include mandatory wearing of masks and face cover- ings,physical distancing at all times and ensuring the completion of self-assessments before arriving at work.We also enhanced cleaning and sanitization, distributed PPE and safety equipment and worked with our unions to continue to review our approach.” According to Canada Post’s website, deliv-

ery standard times for regular mail sent within Canada are an average of two busi-

ness days for local mail,an average of three business days within the province and an average of four business days for national mail. However, these standards are dependent

on weather and mail volume, and Lapointe said package volume has remained heavy since April 2020, and their safety protocols also add time to processing with the heavy volumes. There are also some items you can’t mail, such as any illegal goods or something that can cause harm to those handling the mail

— while other products require special labels. For more information on what you can’t mail, visit nmail-e.asp. In October 2020,Canada Post had launched a campaign to help encourage let- ter writing and sending messages during the pandemic:Write Here,Write Now. For more information on it, visit www.canada- paign/ play_c_int_hero_118.


Dine In Available 403-223-2959 

 

25yrs SERVING TABER & AREA Lee Reid T 403-223-1861

C 403-382-8823

5003 - 64 Avenue Taber, Alberta T1G 2A3 TUES - WED - FRI 11:00am - 8:30pm WING WEDNESDAY 5pm - 8:30pm - 1doz / $10.00

 

  

WING WEDNESDAYS 4pm - 9pm 1doz / $10.00

Located at the Taber Curling Rink 

Krizsan's Bartending Co.

Wedding/Anniversary/Reunions Special Occasions

Bonnie Krizsan

403-892-8507 Taber Alberta Facebook/Krizsan's Bartending 30yrs Bartending Experience

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