Tashina said she also worked pretty much extensively from home since last

March and her kids have attended school,both online and in-person.“My high- schoolers were at home doing online school all through December and my son, who is in elementary, is just getting out of an isolation period because of school. My youngest,who is in daycare, her daycare closed for a long time.” Which puts a lot of pressure on a single mom. “It has been challenging. I’m expected to do my job at home during the day and

I’m also expected to help them with their school work. I think one of the things I feel the most guilty about through all of this is my children definitely spend more time on screens,” said Tashina. “Part of it is because that’s how they’re expected to learn and the other part is I

have to do my job,”she added. According to Tashina, the main thing is knowing her family can adjust, and is

always adjusting.“We’re always looking for new things to try.We’re always open to suggestions and we reach out to a lot of people. I reach out to a lot of people. I reach out to friends, family, co-workers and professionals just saying ‘hey, this is tough — do you have any ideas of how we can make this a little bit easier?’While it’s been a challenging year,my children and I, have really tried to focus on what the positive things are.One of those things is we get to spend a lot more quality time with each other.” “At the end of the day, remaining hopeful and understanding — we’re doing

this to keep ourselves safe and keep others safe. If we have to stick it out a little bit longer, that’s OK,we will find ways to keep enjoying ourselves and being a family,” Tashina said. As for Tashina’s kids’ father, who is normally quite an active person in their life, it has been quite challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic.“Visits have not been as regular because of restrictions, isolation periods and all of the other factors — because of his location and work restrictions.Visits have not been as frequent, which has been hard on them.” “What we have done to try to help with that is every single night, at the same

time, they have a block of time set out just for them to speak with him.They FaceTime for maybe half-an-hour and they get to share about their day and the things they’ve tried.That has been helpful in trying to maintain a good relation- ship,”said Tashina.

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