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COVID-19 pandemic adjusting during

cautions when the initial lockdown order came in March of last year. Since that time,many changes have been made to keep both staff


and residents safe. “It’s been challenging if nothing else.Costs have changed with

orders and residents are feeling glum, there’s lots of mental health issues. Luckily,we’ve only had one real taste of an outbreak.We did have a staff member who tested positive,but we were quick to get her out of here and we had everyone else tested and nobody else came down with it.We’ve been pretty lucky that way,”said Joan Hart, Clearview Lodge manager. With so many new ways of doing business within the facility, Hart

says her staff deserves the ultimate praise for their work in Clearview and adapting in their lives outside of work. “On a daily basis I give praise to my staff because for them to have to

continuously mask for the whole eight hours they are here, it’s just such a challenge. I put mine on,go out of my office and do what I need to do, but I can go back into my office and take it back off again. I really have to commend every one of my staff members, they’ve been troopers.They’ve been here for the residents and they’ve changed their lifestyles. I’ve had many say ‘I have a funeral I should go to, but I don’t want to go and possibly bring something back.’So they’ve all changed their ways of life,as well, for the residents at Clearview Lodge. It’s been pretty amazing.”

he COVID-19 pandemic has brought several changes to the area,and none may be bigger than at Clearview Lodge in Taber. As one of the many senior residences in the southern Alberta area,Clearview Lodge had to take plenty of pre-

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April 1st - 21st

April 1st - 21st

April 1st - 21st

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