“We have moved back to one-on-one services in-person if that is

requested, for whatever reason. If an individual doesn’t have a reliable phone or computer to use for Zoom or phone session — then we do one-on-one in-office with masks and physical-distancing,”said Petra. Or, services are offered online. One trending topic that keeps coming up from parents with requests

for service are centred around setting boundaries for teenagers. “Understanding they need to socialize, but there are restrictions in

place and balancing that and the mental health piece.There’s conflicts because people are not feeling well or they’ve started to peter out with their energy, feeling depressed and anxiety has increased,”Petra explained.

Relationships are another topic of discussion through services offered at FCSS, Petra notes.“So parents starting to not be on the same page any- more because they might be used to one parent working outside of the home or both working outside of the home and now both parents are working from home.And all the children at home in the evening now that school is open.”The dynamic changes. As for programs and services at FCSS, Petra says individual services

have stayed the same during the pandemic, but the discussions have somewhat changed.“We are seeing more one-on-one support though, rather than group programming.” “But some of the group programming has shifted to online,”said Petra, adding parents have reached out to find out more about how to deal

with their child’s anxiety and how to keep their kids busy. Petra says it took a while to get used to working from home,when the pandemic began in the spring of last year.“To create a work place that was work and not mix family life and work — that is really hard, especial- ly when the children were home and going to school.” According to Petra, the first time the school closed last March it was

really hard because schools were not set up to support the children. “They didn’t have regular class time online, so there was zero connection. That was really hard for me to balance my workload and support them at the same time and staying on top of it because that really was led by par- ents at that point.” Petra says the second time with the shutdown, the schools were more set up for it, so that wasn’t as hard.“They kept busy and teachers kept in touch with them.” There was a time when Petra says she felt like she wasn’t doing a good

job anywhere,which was something many parents struggled with over the past year, due to the pandemic and trying to figure out the ever- changing work and home life balance. For more information about counselling services offered through FCSS call intake at 587-370-3728. For more information about parenting servic- es and programs call 403-795-3328.Visit for general information.

DAVID KLASSEN General Manager. Ph- 403-308-6818

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