In response to the restrictions for these types of facilities,Clearview established a new way for residents to meet with their family. With a smaller building off to the side of the main lodge, a visitor shed was set up to accommodate safe communications. “The visitor’s shed has been amazing. It’s been really amazing and I

BY COLE PARKINSON insight magazine

were talking about doing a shed con- test.My recreation department has been amazing, they’re very creative and they’ve had to really think out- side of the box when it comes to activities because they can’t do big groups and we can’t bring people in. So they have been pretty creative in getting things organized for the resi- dents to keep them busy.We had a lot of great responses to it,but when we looked at ‘Little House on the Prairie’ it clicked for all of us. It’s a per- fect name for this little building. We’ve kind of kept it a secret, only three of us were aware of what we picked,so we got busy.” In order to decorate,many of the

staff, including Hart, brought a bunch of different things to spruce up the inside.

don’t know what other places are doing without that.We still have our designated visitors that can come in so every resident has two people that can come in that are their designated family support people.But everyone else can book a visit through the visitor’s shed. Basically, it is a little building we built on the side of the lodge.Visitors come in through that side and it’s hooked on the inside where the resident comes through.There’s plexiglass between them, so they don’t need to wear a mask and we have a very good sound system in there — so they have good visits.We’ve had lots of really good feed- back in regard to our ‘Little House on the Prairie’,”said Hart.“The staff

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“It kind of just all came together and it’s amazing,”said Hart. With the hope of vaccines being provided to all who want one by fall 2021, Clearview Lodge is hoping for a return to normalcy. Until that time, the staff isn’t

concerned about moving forward under COVID restrictions and a big reason is because of the resi- dents who have continued to be positive through an unideal situa- tion. “The residents have been great,

they really have all pulled togeth- er as a group.”

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