especially if living in a household with other people. If someone in your home needs to self-isolate and/or

has COVID-19, if needed, only one healthy person should provide care to that person.Do not share personal items, and if possible,have the person use a separate bathroom, and be sure the ill person puts the toilet lid down before flushing — as an infected person can transmit COVID-19, even when they are not showing any symptoms.Health Canada recommends the person wear a mask when around a caregiver, and the person is prevented from contact with pets, as there have been reports of people transmitting COVID-19 to their pets. If a caregiver needs to be within two metres of the ill person, the

caregiver should put on protective gear such as a medical mask, eye protection and disposable gloves,and avoid reusing masks and gloves.

Be sure to wash hands after removing the gear,and avoid touching the face with unwashed hands.Clean and disinfect high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs, at least once a day. For those who need to self-isolate or quarantine, there are

resources, such as financial help if you have to miss work,or a free hotel room upon referral from Alberta Health Services (AHS) if a person cannot do so safely at home. For more information, visit

Remember, anyone who lives with or has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 must quarantine for 14 days from their last exposure, even if not exhibiting symptoms.Throughout this time, everyone should be monitored for symptoms, and if they develop, visit Assessment.aspx to arrange testing.

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