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Gary Omerod

Quarterama as this was the time we would be all getting ready to go to it and thought I needed to reach out to Mr. Gary Ormerod. For those today who do not know Gary he was a driv- ing force of Quarterama back in the 1970’s and 1980’s He also approved of me as a young man in his early 20’s to announce Quarterama along with fantastic announcers like my Dad Roy Ionson, Jack Crane and Bob Bowie. Below is what Gary has shared with us.

By Bruce Ionson. I have been thinking about

I first started down the road to

the horse business when a customer (Al Watson) drove his team and cutter into the parking lot of my dad’s gro- cery store. I was hooked instantly and Al asked me over to his place. That started a relationship that carried on for many years. All was a millright at Dofasco for the paycheck but he was

I found an old two horse trailer for sale at the side of the road so I bought it and fixed it up and started hauling horses around for all kinds of reasons some of them lead me to a horse or two for sale and I tried my hand at buying and selling a few. Where it all

all horseman, a blacksmith , trainer and more. I started helping with the occasional wedding where Al would drive his team and a two seat carriage with the bride and groom and I would meet him with the truck and trailer and help him unhook and load up. After many experiences with Al,

of the show and an aged mare we took with us (Tuff Joe’s Rose) won Grand Champion (we later took her to Roy Ionson to have his stud breed her).

running one and sometimes two Quar- ter Horse shows a year as well as WHA, Pinto and Paint shows. Since Quarterama was held in March.. peo- ple in the area needed to keep there horses show ready so we had shows all winter long up to Quarterama every we ekend. . Western one weekend and English the next. We also ran an English rid- ing school the first year in business our instruc- tor won the Quarterama Queen Con- test, Al’s son’s horse Zadin’s Sor- rel won high point horse

for Quarterama, eventually spanning a full week involving all of the then commercial exhibit space around the Horse Palace and Coliseum complex. All the time Chippewa Ranch is

says... do you want to be ring crew at a horse show.. in 1971 Bob Carey, Al Watson and I where the ring crew at a pretty new Quarterama show at the CNE grounds in Toronto (it was a 2 day show then .. the first year in the Coliseum). Things grew quickly from there

onto the existing barn and maybe an exercise ring... that ended up being Chippewa Ranch with many more stalls and a big indoor arena and a cou- ple of outside rings and 250 acres of pasture, hay and grain fields. All that comes along with a healthy dose of chores every day plus planting and harvesting of oat fields and lots of haying. In the early days Al and I would team up and pool our equip- ment and hay fields all around his and my places. I even got time to do some horse business and ride a couple of hours. In the meantime my friend Al

stuck was when I bought one for my mother and one for my wife... fully decked out with new saddles and bri- dles, blankets etc for Christmas gifts. Within a year I had bought a farm in Mount Hope on Leeming road. The plan was to build a few stalls

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pleasure classes with over a hundred horses, attendance through the roof sounds pretty prosperous doesn’t it, well it was and ONLY because of the many volunteers that made the show work. Many volunteers working on committees all year and many giving up over a week of there time to pitch in and make it happen. A steady diet of work and lots of dust to eat and these volunteers came back every year for many shows. There isn’t anyone

where many saddle clubs where flour- ishing (We even had one at Chippewa). It was thanks to that sad- dle club population that the Quarter Horse business and population suc- ceeded and grew and in turn so did Quarterama. Quarterama was the real deal,

Carey and others from our Lions Club in the development of Bayview Park in Burlington and the many horse shows there with The Lions Club. The number of shows available

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Show Manager I was Co-Chairman and then Chairman of Quarterama. There are many great friendships and tall stories to be told of my years with Quarterama (around 15). The crew was all there to see just how good they could make the largest Quarter Horse show in Canada run and look. Our family was also involved with Bob

After several years as Hose

to be owner made there way through Quarterama at some point, it was our Columbus Ohio show and the Ameri- cans came by the truck load. Starting up events like high stake barrel racing with Absorbine and N.R.H.A. reining, cutting horse and roping classes and all of the line up of AQHA classes

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that was around in the 70’s and 80’s that doesn’t have a Quarterama expe- rience or story to tell. Every trainer, dealer, owner want

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