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side and he was spurring shoulders to cantle every lick. When I saw him a couple minutes later I had to ask, “Doug, why were you only spurring on your left side?” He looked at me and


“Craig, the crowd was only on my left side.” He smiled and chuckled. Along with

ORCHA News The ORCHA is starting the

2021 season with a positive and optimistic outlook by planning our show season. The tentative dates for the year are May 16,

June 20, July 18, August 22 and September 12. Of course, this will be according to the Health and Safety Guidelines of the province. The date for our annual

clinic will be announced shortly. So, in the meantime, stay safe, go by the guidelines and use some plain old common sense.

Doug Doner A Real Cowboy

The first time I actually

met Doug Doner was when I was working for LeRoy Kufske in Hespeler in the mid 1960s. Now I had seen Doug at a couple of rodeos and I knew he was a top bronc rider and one of the best pick up riders you would ever come across. But Doug, the same as LeRoy, was a very knowledge- able horseman and could sure break and train a horse. At that time, the horse business was going well and both Doug and LeRoy as well as their friend, Peter VanEerd, were buying, sell-

Doug and his family

the stalls where the palomino was, bedded deep in straw. Nor- mally we bedded with shavings but I did as I was asked to do. Doug showed up the next

day and he opened the stall door and liked what he saw. He said, “I’ll take him”. In those days a man’s word was as good as cash. Now there was no halter or lead on this horse and he was a little standoffish, thus he was still in his stall. Doug went to his truck and came back with his lariat. That’s when I was amazed! A small loop and a hoolihan throw

| After some bickering and

dickering, they decided Doug would trade LeRoy four roping calves, about 400 to 450lbs, and would drop them off next Thurs- day on his way to the Stockyards. Doug’s truck backed up to the cattle pen and unloaded four of the scrawniest 200 to 250lbs calves you ever saw. He com- mented that the truck ride in this heat really stressed these calves out and they lost a lot of weight on the ride over! Doug looked at LeRoy and smiled. LeRoy looked at Doug and smiled. The

the rodeo was a car- nival and circus an- imals, and the cowboys and carnies got real friendly. It seemed they both liked to drink beer and tell stories. One morning there was to be a camel race and unknown to LeRoy and myself, our good friend Doug had volunteered the two of us to ride them. I didn’t know until that morning how mean those camels are. Spit, bite, stomp and kick! We tried to make ourselves scarce but the owner found us and said, “your friend Doug told me that you were the two best riders in the rodeo.” Well how could we say no after that. The toughest part was getting on the things, but they got us on and threw the lead ropes to us and we were off. Guess what? I won! Now, I have just been talking about Doug as a

rodeo cowboy, but don’t forget, he was a trainer too. I re- member Doug had acquired a loud coloured real good- looking Appaloosa stud named Mickey. He hauled Mickey to some WHAO shows and showed him i n the reinings. He came down to London to the All Breed Clas- sic and won the Open Reining. Yes, this guy could really get a horse broke. It didn’t matter if he was dragging a bad bull out of the rodeo arena with old Cloudy or drag- ging logs out of the bush with his team of mules or show- ing in the reining with Mickey. This guy could get them broke. My friend, Doug Doner, is a real cowboy.

~Craig Black

P.S. I even saw him roll a Bull Durham cigarette with one hand.

Doug riding a bronc in the 1950s

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ing and trading a lot of horses. Yes, these guys were trading a lot of horses. One day LeRoy came back

home with a good looking young palomino and right away he knew where he could sell or trade him. His good friend Doug “Derner’’ was a sucker for a palomino. I don’t know why but LeRoy always called him “Derner” not Doner. He called “Derner” that night and Doug was excited to come and have a trade. He said that he would be down in two days. The next day LeRoy came home with half a dozen bales of straw and wanted

and his rope was around yeller’s neck right up behind his ears. Then again I was amazed! With a flick of his wrist, another loop was above his eyes, and then an- other soft flick of his wrist and another loop was over his nose just below his eyes. A perfect fig- ure 8! I had never seen it done like that before or still to this day! A little pull and the palomino came out of his stall into the alley. Then the expres- sion on Doug’s face changed. “Kufske, you dirty S.O.B., this horse has a big pair of ring- bones.” Then I knew why he was bedded in straw up to his knees.

deal was done. That’s just the way those guys were. LeRoy, Bill Miller and my-

self had signed on with Tom Bishop’s Wild West Show in Quebec City. Wow, what a beau- tiful city. Of course, Doug was there with several of our rodeo friends and one of my most favourite people, Snake Rogers, Tom’s announcer. I had already rode my saddle bronc and was standing at the end of the chutes to watch the others. Out came Doug on his bucking horse and I noticed that on his right side he was just “dee ringing”. I stepped over a little farther to see his left

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