FEBRUARY 2021 THE RIDER /3 Can-Am All Breed Equine Expo Postponed until 2022 Can-Am News Release

we all know that our society is so in need of good news and a chance for people to get together again. We know that our show positioned at the beginning of April is always a great opportunity for all horse people to get together and were looking so forward to seeing everyone.

Ontario Supporting Horse Businesses

Continued from Page 1 Horse experience businesses will be eligible for fund-

ing if they earned at least 50 per cent of their revenue in 2019 from horse experience activities, their 2020 revenue was less than half of what was earned in 2019 due to the pandemic, and they attest they are facing hardship as a re- sult of COVID-19 that will make it difficult to care for the horses. The Equine Hardship Program was specifically de-

signed for horse experience businesses that are not eligible for other agriculture related programs that help farmers manage risk such as the Risk Management Program and AgriStability. The funding is in addition to the government initia-

tives launched this year to assist the agriculture sector in meeting challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak, in- cluding: • The $25.5 million Agri-food Prevention and Control In- novation Program to help reduce disruptions in business op- erations and risks of COVID-19 exposure in the workplace; • The launch of a portal to connect farms and other agri- food sector business with labour needs to job seekers; • The creation of a $26.6 million Enhanced Agri-food Workplace Protection Program in partnership with the fed- eral government; • The investment of an additional $50 million into the Risk Management Program for 2020, one year earlier than orig- inally promised.

Quick Facts • There are approximately 150 horse experience businesses in Ontario including more than 50 horse camp or trail ride operations, at least 15 carriage operators, at least 14 thera- peutic riding centres and many riding schools. These busi- nesses also include horse drawn carriage or sleigh rides. • Under the Equine Hardship Program, costs incurred be- tween March 17, 2020 and February 28, 2021 will be eligi- ble. Enrollment and claim forms will be accepted until March 12, 2021, or while program funding remains avail- able, whichever comes first. • Eligible business owners may be provided up to $20,000 (total) to maintain horses used to provide these experiences. A cap of $2,500 per eligible animal will be applied. • To learn more and apply to the Equine Hardship Program, visit hardship.htm

Additional Resources Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - COVID-19 in Ontario -

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March 22nd, 2021

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cancel the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo for 2021. This is a decision that together as partners made that was not lightly but believe was in keeping of being socially respon- sible and realistic. It’s very hard as Can-Am is not just a business to us but is truly our passion as you know. We were really hoping that we could open the show as

“To all of our valued Attendees, Vendors & Sponsors, (We know that sounds like a cliché but that is how we can best describe you) We are sadly writing to inform you of our decision to

everyone’s input for comments or sug- gestions as Can-Am is YOUR equine event and is built as a collaboration of everyone’s input to keep things fresh. Please send us any input to: info@rmil- or send us a private mes- sage on Facebook

finding a way to get through this. We do believe that there is a light at the end of this and plan to have the Can-Am Equine Expo return in 2022 As always we welcome and enjoy

We feel terribly and hope you are all and happy trails,

son kicking off through this summer and look forward to having a great return in 2022. Thank you for your understanding

Ross Millar Mike Straw Ron Waples Doug Millard” We do look forward to the horse sea-

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