Board Members And Contact Information CRHRA correspondence:

President: Jack deWit Email: Cell: 905-424-4666 Home: 905-982-1339

Vice-President: Patrick Connor Email: Phone: 613-484-1140

Treasurer: Liz Franks Email: Phone: 905-473-1265

Board Secretary: Heather Aitken Email: Phone: 519-767-8074

Operations Manager: Bonnie Simpson Email: Phone: 705-878-2684

21351 Mueller Lane, Port Perry, Ontario L9L 1B6 Directors/Regional Reps

Thorold, St Catherines, Welland, Niagara Mark Dobrindt Email: Phone: 905-892-9769

Windsor, South Western Ontario John Aston Email: Phone: 519-566-8377

Working For The Future Of Recreational Canadians Community!!!

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm COVID is still with us with more vari-

ants!!!!!! We are offering for Associations, Clubs and

Industry an Advertising Special for the 2021 Year to help with the hardships everyone is experienc- ing!!

For $40.00 plus tax we will advertise your

Name and Website on our Website till Dec. 31, 2021. Just fill out the application form with the section for Associations/Clubs or Industry and submit with payment. This will be sent to our WebMaster for input on our Website. We hope that you will add our logo to your website and rec- ommend us to your clients. This does not include a membership.

Also we are pleased to pass along to our members the information that was sent to us concerning the ONTARIO EQUINE HARDSHIP PROGRAM This was launched on January 18, 2020.

This is designed for Ontario Individual business offering horse-related experiences up to $2500.00 per horse involved in these services to a maximum of $20,000.00 per business in financial support. The funding is to help cover direct costs for feed, water, veterinary care (excluding euthanasia) and

farrier services needed to maintain these horses. These experiences include riding lessons,

tacting Agricultural

Centre(AICC) 1-877-424-1300 or

equine-based therapy, trail riders, summer riding camps and horse drawn carriage or sleigh riders.Businesses will be eligible for funding if they earned over 50 percent of their revenue in 2019 from providing eligible services, their 2020 revenue was less than half of what was earned in 2019 due to the pandemic and the attest they are facing hardship as a result of covid which will make it hard to care for their horses. More information can be obtained from con- Information Contact email supporting-horse-business-impacted-by-covid-19 2020 Application Forms are up on the web-

site. Our price for a membership did not change this year. $33.00 plus tax whichever province you reside in. Our Application form has been simpli- fied.

Please remember you must fill out an appli-

cation form for each person that wishes to join. You can not just pay for 2 or more we need their

Office Phone Number (905) 982 1339

information as well for the insurance benefit that is sent to BFL. Our website now contains a section on fre-

quently asked questions concerning the application form.

We are still looking for a person to do our

memberships. Contact with contact information and a brief bio. Computer experience a must along with a pleasant personality as there is phone calling involved.

CAN AM has been cancelled again this year

as are many other horse related events. We correspond with our members through

THE RIDER. Please purchase a subscription when you join, Take Advantage of the special The Rider is offering to CRHRA members to log into their online site. Link for the Rider:

For new members BFL does not issue paper

policies when you join but does provide a contact person for you to call if you have questions or is- sues. On the back of your membership tags is your policy number or you can use the order number. Have that ready when you call. 1-800-668-5901 Stephanie Kirton. We urge you to call BFL as they can answer

your insurance questions as we are NOT Insurance People we ONLY provide opportunity for reason- able insurance as a benefit.

Horse Traders Then and Now!!!!! I get a lot of calls from first time horse own-

ers. The horse was great when they saw it and the first one or two rides were ok, then all of a sudden they had a holy terror of a horse on their hands. Some bite, kick, buck, bolt, rear up, won’t trailer load, won’t stand to mount, bites when tacking to mention a few. A lot of first time owners are buying for their

daughter/son, or grand daughter/son. They had been taking lessons at a stable in an arena. They all admitted that they thought all horses were as well trained as the lesson horses. So did they buy from a horse trader or did they not do their home- work!

There is a list of questions you want to ask

before purchasing any horse. I will provide that in the next installment. Horse traders in my Grandfathers day would

buy any horse or trade any horse for things they needed or wanted. They did not care what bad habits the horse had; they were sure they could barter that horse. My Fathers job was to TRY and ride each horse that arrived and determine what it might be good for at the ripe age of 10. He told a story of a big black half draft that would only let him ride him, so to make spending money, he used to bet the local boys that they could not ride him for 8 seconds. He would get on and show he could ride him. I would cost a nickel each try. He said he only had to pay out once. Of course there was no saddle or bridle. The ones he could ride went off to riding sta-

bles for trail rides for two months. When they came back they were sold as well

trained riding horses. They were so exhausted and underweight they were passive for the first month the new owner had them then look out all the bad habits that they had originally started to show up. Did the new owner ever get told about the

horse’s issues or were they only told it was a lovely trail riding horse perfect for the family. Only needs groceries to fatten it up and you will have a nice horse.

Does this still go on today? Of course it does!! Will discuss this in the next segment!!!!

Face Masks are New Face Art!! Wear them with Pride!

There are lots of different masks with horses,

dogs, cats just about anything you can imagine to choose from.

Let’s all stay Healthy and do all we can to

stop the spread of this Horrible outbreak!!!! Be Smart!!! Be Safe!!! Bonnie

COVID-19 Policy It’s an understatement to say that we’ve been

experiencing exceptional times. When participat- ing in equine activities it is important to review your province’s regulations and restrictions. To avoid interruption of CRHRA membership insur- ance coverage please abide by your provincial reg- ulations regarding COVID. If it is unclear we suggest that you contact your local MP. BFL’s exclusion specifically relates to people

contracting the disease and would not cover any- thing relating to this. Members are still able to ex-

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