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Cowboy racers do during an Ontario winter? They have fun with their horses in the snow, of course! We invited our members and friends to send us their winter horse photos and we’d choose

our favourites for this OXC News column – and here are our winners: Both


members of the OXC, Rosemarie Huxted of Dalkeith, near Ottawa, and Shannon Townsend of Gatineau, Quebec,

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have discovered the ex- treme winter sport of ski- joring! As you can see in their photos, Rosemarie is perfecting the 2-person approach and Shannon is honing her European ski- joring style by combining driving and skiing in one. Our third winner is Lise Mahoney who’s been en- joying the sun and snow on those perfect winter

days. And our hon- ourable mention goes to Joanne Woods who sent us pictures of the day she had a cow join her cow- boy trail ride! Rosemarie Huxted is

riding her 2013 AQHA mare, Sonita’s Born Pepto, and together they’re giving 13-year- old Alexa Maclaren the ride of her life, clocking in a time of 35 km/hr on a radar gun — wow! Rosemarie

tells us:

“We’ve always played around here at RLH Equestrian with our skis and horses; however, this photo was taken at a fun competition at Ranch Payeur, with a full track including two slalom sec- tions and 3 different jumps. Alexa and I agreed this is certainly a sport for the fun and adrenaline junkie!” Shannon Townsend

and her 7 year-old Ap- paloosa I’m Skippin Hearts (“Kelo”) are also making the most of the winter snow. A dedicated horsewoman and winter sport lover, it’s not a sur- prise to see Shannon combining horses and skiing. Shannon writes: “We’re not sitting around this winter! Here’s Kelo, an OXC racer, moon- lighting in winter with some skijoring, European style. Is it hard? Not at all! A great way to keep the horse fit and to stay warm!” Lise Mahoney and

her friend Ashlyn Nihda have done a lot of hack-


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made the show amaz- ing.

and things change, c i r c u m s t a n c e s change but memories remain. I don’t think it’s possible to paint the picture of what was going on in those days... you just had to be there. If you have old


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photos and you were involved in the 60’s,70” and 80” and have a story to tell please send it to me at bruce.ionson@

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Ray Laviolette (613) 446-4688

ing this winter with their horses Jazzy and River. Lise writes: “My Rocky Mountain Horse Jazzy and I have really come together as a team in the past year and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’m game to try anything and I’d love to compete at OXC.” Inspired by les- sons and an obstacle clinic with OXC Presi- dent, Susan Caldwell, Lise says

Jazzy is

“speedy” and tries every- thing she asks of her — so Lise and Jazzy are feeling ready to join the fun of their first OXC race.

Rounding out the

winter photos is our hon- ourable mention from Joanne Woods. Joanne hails from Sudbury and is

hoping to have an Ex- treme Cowboy race and clinic in her area this summer. She was out on a trail ride with her friend Sara Charlebois when down the trail came Sweet Pea the cow! Sweet Pea and Sara’s paint horse Faith are sta- ble companions, and it seems that Sweet Pea did not want to miss out on the fun with her friends! Now that’s the Extreme

Cowboy spirit! 2021 has dawned on

much the same world we left in 2020 but the On- tario Extreme Cowboy Club is feeling encour- aged that we’ve learned much from 2020 and will be able to move ahead with COVID-compliant racing in 2021. It may not be full-scale race days, but we’re deter- mined to adapt and race as best we can. Please

watch this column, our website and our social media to keep updated. On behalf on the

new 2021 OXC Board of Directors (listed in the banner above), we wish you the best for 2021 and to keep well, keep safe, and keep on riding. See you in the saddle!

- Tracy Galvin

Communications Director

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