Ontario Reining Horse Association

President, Banquet Dan Fletcher

1st Vice-President Rules & Disciplinary John Purdie

2nd Vice-President/ Treasurer Terri Purdie,

Past President Gary Yaghdjian

Your ORHA January 2021 News

Welcome to January/February, Reiner nation! As we enter another unprece-

dented year we are all hopeful for better days ahead. Your ORHA executive con- tinues to virtually meet in order to plan for our 2021 year. We’d like to take this opportunity to update you on some of the highlights. With the arrival of 2021, so to comes time to renew your membership. Early

renewal helps to avoid the rush and paperwork of the first show, show office. Con- tact Jana at to complete your socially distanced renewal. Applications are available on our website. Our tentative 2021 show schedule is as follows:

Elected Director - Secretary

Joanne Milton

Elected Director - Futurity Programs Leona McAtee / ob-

Appointed Director - ORHA Futurity Programs Tracy Nelson

Appointed Directors - Professional Committee Loris Epis Jon Newnham

Appointed Director - Memberships

Janna Imrie -

Appointed Director - Youth Advisor

Rebecca Nelles -

Appointed Director - Social Media

Alyssa VanKleek -

Elected Director – Shows Mike Munroe,


2021 Tentative Show Dates Location


Fletchers Spring Thaw Pickering Horse Centre Y-Not Farms

ORHA Grand Finale

Fletchers Horse World May 14,15,16 Pickering Horse Centre Y Not Farms

Canadian Reining Classic Fletchers Horse World Steel City Slide

Jen Jonas /Sharon Jones Aug 27,28,29 Purdie/ Dan Fletcher

June 11,12,13 July 3,4

July 31, Aug 1,2 Sept 10,11,12

Please remember to visit our web-

site for the most up to date details on show events. In September 2021 the ORHA will

host our Grand Finale. This year is ex- pected to be another exciting event. The week will host the 2021 Eastern Canadian Affiliate Finals, as well as the debut of the new ORHA Futurity Pro- gram! We are eager to work toward making this event one of the greats. At this planning phase we would like to in- vite any volunteers that are interested in participating on the Grand Finale or Futurity Committees to reach out and become involved. Please feel free to contact Terri Purdie at orhagrandfi- or Tracy Nelson at We have op- portunities available for everyone! We would also love the opportunity to speak to anyone who is interested in be- coming a Sponsor for our event. We have a range of sponsorship ideas and opportunities! Contact Loris Epis at or Epis Per- formance Horses on Facebook. We are currently working on the

preplanning of a Spring Clinic/Fun Day for any Youth who are interested in learning about the sport of Reining. The event will be held at Epis Perform- ance Horses under the tutelage of NRHA coach and trainer Loris Epis and his assistants. Thank you Loris once again for your continued support and donation to the development of our youth. If you have a youth rider who would be interested in attending the event please contact Rebecca Nelles our youth Liaison, or any member of the ORHA board.

Stay Safe Everyone! And we will

be back in the pen in that pen in a spin from now.

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