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AQHA Director’s Report

visiting your smart phone app store and searching for “AQHA rulebook.” The AQHA Rulebook represents corporation bylaws, rules and regulations of registra- tion, rules and regulations of racing, rules and regu- lations of shows, amateur and youth division rules and regulations, and the constitution of AQHYA. The rulebook also answers all your questions regarding AQHA rules, show patterns, horse markings, equip- ment guidelines and much more. Because the online version of the AQHA Rulebook can be updated throughout the year, it should be considered the most- current version of the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.

AQHA Debuts QData Robin Glenn Pedigrees, long respected as the

By Kathy M. Patterson AQHA Director

Get the 2021 AQHA Rule- book

The 2021 AQHA Official

Handbook of Rules and Regu- lations is now available online and in print. To access the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations, visit The printed rulebook can be purchased for $5 through the American Quarter Horse Store at The 2021 AQHA Rulebook app will also be available once the iOS and Android apps are com- pleted. AQHA members can download the app for free by

premier catalog and pedigree producer in the industry and creator of the 37 year old RGP Database has been rebranded to QData, a department of the American Quarter Horse Association. AQHA purchased RGP in 2014 to enhance its member services. Since then, the merger has produced new services combining both money-paying events and AQHA points and awards, including the ground-breaking stallion mar- keting service QStallions; the self-serve sale catalog production resource called Catalog Builder; QData online data reports, which combines money-paying events with AQHA points and awards; and additional unique services. With AQHA’s ability to raise aware- ness, the QData database has become a premier re- source for American Quarter Horse pedigree and performance data. QData’s online services offer de- tailed money-earning activity for all performance horse factions in a variety of informational formats, and plans are in place to offer even more distinctive member services in the future. For more information on QData, visit

2020 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup Wrap Up Since 1978, the American Quarter Horse Youth

World Cup has been uniting nations through healthy equine competition and camaraderie. The Youth World Cup is an educational-, leadership- and com- petition-based event for AQHYA members from around the world. Participating countries where

Horse Heroes Horse Heroes is an ini-

tiative set out by OMSSU for those who have that special horse that should be recog- nized. During trying times, horses provide therapy for many in different ways. If you know of or have that special horse please send information to

Horse Heroes for January 2021

Grace Pony)

(Newfoundland From Amanda St Denis:

I nominate myself and Grace a Newfoundland pony owned by Elisha Massong and kept under the care of Emily Bertrand owner of Royale Equestrian Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Why Grace? I am 30 years old and live with a handful of disabilities includ- ing cerebral palsy which af- fects my

right side particularly my leg. As such Grace

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is

free to current members of AQHA. To enroll

on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President,

Gilles Seguin, ph: 613-293-6176, email:

teams from each of several countries compete for the “gold” in different events host this international event every two years. American Quarter Horse Youth Association

members from 13 countries competed at the virtual 2020 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup. The virtual event was substituted for the in-person event due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to protect the health and safety of exhibitors while still allowing the international competition to occur. The virtual event was judged and scored based

on video submissions. 2020 Youth World Cup results are: Equitation Ellie Gerbrandt representing Team Canada Martina Giuggia representing Team Italy Kamyl Mathieu representing Team Canada

Horsemanship Jessica McAllister representing Team USA Lauren Pursley representing Team USA Cori Cansdale representing Team USA

Ranch Riding Bendix Burfeindt representing Team Germany Filippo Antonutti representing Team Italy Ellie Gerbrandt representing Team Canada

Reining Federico Torlotting representing Team Paraguay Fillippo Antonutti representing Team Italy Brianna Carr representing Team Canada

Showmanship Abby Schaap representing Team Canada Jacqueline Potwora representing Team USA Kamyl Matthieu representing Team Canada

Trail Jessica McAllister representing Team USA Marie Friedrich representing Team Germany Hayley Reed representing Team USA

Team Team USA Team Canada Team Italy

Four non-riding events were also included in

this year’s virtual Youth World Cup and judged by the participants – freestyle, scrapbook, artwork and lip sync. Full results for each event and contests can

horseback riding is excellent therapy for my body but also my mind. At the same time it can be a challenge. Grace has allowed me to make riding look easy and I have grown immensely in my skills since beginning to riding her in June of 2020. I am much more confident in my walk and trot including transitions as well as getting stronger in my turns and circles. The later in part because Grace is ex- tremely sensitive to leg aids which allows me to use very little pressure to give her the correct instructions. This al- lows me to not have to over exert my right side. My riding and confidence in my skills has blossomed on Grace be- cause we trust each other. I would not have gotten through the latter half of 2020 without her and I eagerly wait for the time when I can ride her again when this lockdown is over.

LW Late Cha 15 (Quarter Horse) Submission by Josie

Rowling: As the pandemic

be found on the official AQHA Youth World Cup Facebook page. AQHA is a proud sponsor of the American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup. Congratulations to the Canadian Team for their

many accomplishments!

The Official AQHA Marketplace Facebook Group Shop the collection of AQHA Trade Show ven-

dors and advertisers through the exclusive Official AQHA Marketplace Facebook group. With roughly 100 vendors selling everything from horse trailers to jewelry to custom tack and everything in between, it’s no surprise that the AQHA Trade Show is a staple of AQHA championship shows and events. This year, AQHA is proud to announce the Trade Show’s growth beyond the brick and mortar and into the dig- ital world with our exclusive Official AQHA Market- place Facebook group. This group allows approved vendors to create

daily posts displaying their goods and services so that group members can support those businesses. The AQHA team approves posts every day so that ven- dors may post any specials they may be running at that given time. The Official AQHA Marketplace Facebook

group is a private group, meaning Facebook users will need to request to join the group. After answering a few questions (i.e. are you a shopper or a vendor?), you will be granted access to the group, where you can view all posts from vendors displaying sales and products. From here, simply click on the posts for the stores or products you are interested in and go to the website where you can virtually shop and check out through the site’s payment portal. Please note that AQHA is not responsible for any sales or agreements entered between buyer and seller. Whether you are a vendor or a shopper, visit the

exclusive Official AQHA Marketplace Facebook group to see what the buzz is all about. Happy shop- ping!

Till next time, remember to visit the OQHA,

AQHA, and CQHA websites for Quarter Horse news! If I can be of assistance, please contact me at: (519) 949-4956 or by e-mail at:

Ph: LW Late Cha 15 “Membership” section.

continued, I began to feel dis- appointed and down heart- ened with the loss of school, normal socialization, and equine activities. Despite these losses, I was fortunate enough to be given the oppor- tunity to gain relationship with a new equine partner, Danny. Working and spending time with Danny has sup- ported me throughout these uncertain times and has

played a huge factor in keep- ing my mental health positive. Since the beginning of our partnership she has motivated me to get outside, stay busy, and stay diligent. She has also helped me make it through online school, as I look for- ward to seeing her after the day is done. This new partner- ship has been a therapeutic

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