2/ FEBRUARY 2021 THE RIDER Stable Relations Celebrating 20 years

By Andi Solowka The same year the en-

tire world was slammed with a pandemic, Rusty Jade Ranch and Stable Relations Inc. hit the milestone of being in business for 20 years. Disappointing clients and furry-critter enthusiasts alike, the businesses were unable to celebrate their two decades in business this year. This year would see no Easter egg hunts on horse- back, a BBQ with live music to celebrate their an- niversary, a cutting clinic, a halt to the show season and (casual) barrel racing com- petitions for various prizes that support other local busi- nesses.

Despite the setbacks

the pandemic presented they were able to continue exem- plifying the values that Kelly Solowka, the founder of Stable Relations Inc., had based her business model on. She always wanted a place to work with and un- derstand horses. Kelly has come to learn that horses feel what we feel, so re- membering to have fun above all is the biggest key in facilitating understanding and co-operation between horse and rider. Animals


helped Kelly have fun grow- ing up as her love for all an- imals is innate. Her mother would screech “No!” when she would bring bunnies or toads home with a plea to keep these critters around

the house. It’s no surprise that she’s now surrounded by 5 dogs, 8 cats, and 24 horses with the title “Profes- sional Horsewoman” under her belt. Kelly’s journey with

horses started when she was about 12 years old when she bought her first horse, Blackjack. She knew that she would have to take a two-hour bus ride (one way) every day to see and ride Blackjack. Kelly didn’t have any professional coaching or help; she would just get on and go! With this attitude came many falls, strong friendships, and plenty of experience. These tumbles didn’t deter her from her love for horses, but a few years later life got tough. She felt she had to sell her trusty steed Blackjack in order to buy clothing and a car. Life wasn’t the same without Blackjack. Kelly became sad and despondent. She missed the butterflies she got in her stomach when she mounted up. Missed the soft touch of his velvet nose. Missed the wind in her hair. She was reunited with

her gentle giant, eventually, thanks to her best friend who had bought him back for her. This friend recog- nized that Kelly wasn’t her- self without her furry companion. This act of compassion became a core idea of what Kelly’s future riding school was to repre- sent: A place to reflect, be compassionate, and build confidence. Essentials when working with not only horses but all other animals and people, too. A decade later, Kelly

harnessed this vision. She began Stable Relations Inc., a facility in which individu- als could board their horse(s) and learn to ride as well. Kelly would train horses from outside the sta- ble alongside the growing herd of well-mannered horses her stallion, Shug Fittin’ Britches, had sired. A few of these horses went off to show with AQHA, Area 3, winning Champion and Reserve Champion titles. These titles couldn’t

have been won with just the horse of course. The young people that Kelly inspired to show learned how to har- ness confidence that they didn’t realize they had. The ribbons and trophies her stu- dents earned act as tangible proof of the hard work and lessons learned from these accomplishments. Unseen, however, is the memories made and fun that was had along the way. This is often something that she missed in the bustle of day-to-day life, flitting from one task to the next. Kelly grounded herself and those that she teaches by reminding them that these memories and ac- complishments won’t come into fruition unless you’re

making time for them. This approach was nourished when a new character, with similar values, walked into Kelly’s life. After 14 years of

equine success, Kelly met Bradley Matchett and it be- came clear what the focus on the next leg of her equine journey would be: Taking time. She recognized that in order to build on one’s self and their relationships, they need to dedicate time to it. This requires becoming comfortable with the fact that these are not changes that will magically happen overnight. Alongside Kelly and

Brad are their daughters: Andi, Hannah, and Shan- non. They, as young opti- mistic


themselves, recognize this lack of time in our fast- paced world. Kelly and her family aim to teach the im- portance of intentionality and mindfulness through horsemanship. While the world around them might continue to speed up, they focus on teaching the impor- tance of slowing down and working with the land while having fun and building re- lationships. Stable Relations Inc.

currently operates in collab- oration with Rusty Jade Ranch, where they offer fun and fulfilling activities to take us away from our over- whelmingly busy lives. The community voted them “Best Summer Camp” and “Best Equine facility in Caledon” in Reader’s Choice. If you feel the need to unwind, Stable Relations is proud to be there fort he community to learn, reflect and grow through lessons with horses, local events, and cabin stays. Make time to take time at Rusty Jade Ranch and have fun!

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