2020 Ontario Trail Riders Association Board of Directors

President Sonja Wyss 705-434-7947

Secretary Laurie Panagiotou 905-807-2786

Treasurer/Membership Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Website Development Tina Kerst 416-907-6051 tiamiadart@gmail.coma

Directors at Large Karen Plume, 519-604-4020, Cathy Togeretz, 519-465-1758,

Area Representative Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Sandra Kendall, 905-939-8356, Lana English, 519-658-3489,

9045 20 Sideroad, Tosorontio, Lisle, ON L0M 1M0 •

OTRA and its members represent the equestrian trail user with the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario Eques- trian Federation and Equine Canada. We welcome your membership to help support the voice of OTRA on your behalf. Visit our Facebook Page

Message from the OTRA President:

Well into this new year and

with the days getting longer, Feb- ruary is a great time to put some thought into the upcoming riding season. Changes we need or want to make for us and/or our horse, events we want to attend (fingers crossed!), clinics to sign up for (fingers double crossed!) - this time of year gives us a chance to

reflect. A number of trail riders have put their trailer away and will not be seeing it again until a few months from now when the snow has disappeared. If you have the chance to still ride – lucky you! Some with easy ac- cess to trails where they live or board are able to ride in the win- ter, all bundled up and with sev- eral extra packages of feet and handwarmers in their saddle bags. Others may be more lim- ited to trails, or simply prefer to

participate in alternative activi- ties while their horses are taking a break simply eating hay and hanging out with their pasture buddies during the winter month. My snow shoes have definitely been getting quite a bit of use so far, and I also dug out those old downhill skis to try some new things… yes, skijoring with my mini! While riding our horses is what we love, there is also huge opportunity to do ‘other stuff’ with them now, benefitting both

Inc, established in 1970, is an equestrian organization which promotes recreational trail riding and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.

you, your horse, and your rela- tionship with each other. Have you tried taking your horse for a walk? Lots of teaching and learn- ing happening here – how are your leading skills (or your horse’s), can he/she stop when you stop, can he wait patiently with you before you move on, is she connected with you. I often throw the lead over their back and see if they ‘stick’ with me while walking, jogging, weaving side to side, stopping, backing,

etc. Try it - it’s a great feeling when they stay by your side with just a mental connection, and it boosts your confidence and trust in your horse tremendously. They say the truth comes out when you take the halter and lead rope off…

Long lining is another use-

ful activity you can do to rein- force simple commands, or to keep your horse mentally en- gaged while stepping over or squeezing through and around things, i.e. trees, you and the fence, etc. Or go back and teach simple basics like ground tying which can be done during grooming time. All this will eas- ily transfer to when you are out on trail again. For anyone who prefers a

more organizational task, why not check your barn’s (or trailer’s) First Aid Kit to ensure that missing items get restocked and expired ones are replaced. Here is a list with just a few things which can easily be cus- tomized as required: • 4x4 Pads • Abscess Pad (Animalintex) • Antiseptic wipes • Cloth/Towels • Diapers/Depends • Disposable Gloves • Duct Tape • Epsom Salt/Table Salt • Flashlight (& Batteries) • Gauze Rolls • Health Chart • Hoof Pick

The Ontario Trail Riders Association

Requirements: If a non-mem- ber, please see ride organizer and pay day fee: all participants must sign a waiver and show proof of liability insurance.

• Human First Aid Kit • Iodine Products • Mouthwash • Multitool • Notebook & Pencil • Polo Wraps • Paper Towel • Peroxide 3% • Petroleum Jelly • Powdered Drink Mix • Mineral Ice • ScissorsSoft Cotton Roll • Soft Measuring Tape • Spray Bottles • Stethoscope • Swabs • Syringes • Thermometer • Tweezers • Vet Wrap • Wound Ointment

w e

Keep checking our OTRA b

s i t e, or fol- low us on facebook for additions or updates on our 2021 ride schedule. You can also ask ques- tions by contacting our Execu- tive, or send us an email to And don’t forget – we have EX- TENDED all paid 2020 member- ships into 2021 since we were unable to take advantage of most rides last year. Just be sure to send in any updates of your lia- bility insurance as it is required for any current member.

Happy Riding… Sonja Wyss, OTRA President

Have an interesting photo from your

farm, past event or show?

Send it to us with a

caption and we may put it into our next issue! Email to The next Deadline is March 22nd!

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