Austin Bracelet Company Offers Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts:

oil diffuser bracelets. Co-founder and Creative Visionary, Taia Cesana, learned about the amazing emotional health benefits of using pure essential oils and created the bracelets as a reminder of self-care and to share her love of essential oils with others. She

B is partnered with her sister Traci Blake, who lives in Austin, TX.

The Austin Bracelet Co.’s bracelets are made with all-natural gemstones, unfinished wood and lava beads. The wood and the lava beads absorb and diffuse your favorite essential oils that you apply to the bracelets. They are an amazing way to experience the benefit of the oils as you go about your day. Using essential oils to support your emotional health is a very powerful tool in your daily self-care routine. For example, floral oils can be very calming and soothing, mint oils are very uplifting and energizing and tree and grass oils can promote grounding emotions and feelings of renewal.

Applying essential oil to the bracelet is easy, simply put a cou- ple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand and massage it into the unfinished beads. The oils can be layered and applied as frequently as needed though they can last on the bracelet for 8-24 hours. The bracelets look beautiful stacked together and designs are meant to be mixed and matched to create your own unique style. This is a great gift for the holidays or all year round.

Visit our website and take 15% off of your first order with code NUTMEG. Keep up with new designs and events on Facebook and Instagram @austinbraceletco. New bracelet designs are released every week on Friday at 12pm and subscribers to the VIP email list get access to exclusive sales and new releases. The Austin Bracelet Co. also offers online essential oil education classes. See ad on page 8.

Liz Kametz Authors New Book “Just Be: My Healing Journey to Embrace the Mess”


ust Be, My Healing Journey to Embrace the Mess” offers up one of the most raw, vulnerable, insightful perspectives into a woman’s journey to self-love. The author provides us with daily affirmations and outlooks to explore your own ‘life’s mess’. It will be hard not to hear your own voice in the writing. While reading the life’s journey Liz has been on, you will be drawn to how common yet unique we each are. Liz has spent a lot of time studying her life and experiences. With a yearning to excavate, uncover, brush off and admire her findings, Liz brings her life- time of learning to share with others. The hope is that through her own archeological dig of herself, others can start, continue or expand their own self-discovery.

From the Author’s Introduction: “All I have is my experience

to give and I’m hopeful that my storytelling shines light on each of you who take the time to listen to my story, to your own, and especially to the youthful part of you that might be screaming to be heard like mine was. Excerpts from this book have been woven together from years of journaling, but the impetus to spend the time to lace it all together came from the collective ‘awakening’ we are experiencing with COVID-19. Although pockets of champions of self-care have been around for many years, the collective calling to slow down, go back to basics, get re-grounded in your beliefs, seemed to skyrocket when the pan- demic took over our lives. The time is right to keep open minds, body and soul on the importance of self-love, authenticity and true connection. The question is: how do we look within and truly honor ourselves, completely? That’s the part I am unwilling to forget since I woke up.”

Available now on Amazon: search Just Be: My Healing Journey to Embrace the Mess. Also look for information regarding an online self-paced Workshop Series to pair well with the book for a deeper self-discovery at A great self-care gift for the holidays! See ad on page 8.

eautiful and functional, that is the purpose behind The Austin Bracelet Company’s essential

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