change of direction (e.g., whiplash), the brain suddenly shifts within the skull. This head trauma can result in torn nerve axons, bruising, and damage to blood vessels. If not treated properly, damage and inflammation can adversely affect brain function, even long after the initial injury. It is essential to wear a hel- met when playing contact sports, riding bikes, or playing soccer.

2. Exercise. Physical activity is essential to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Exercise has been shown to increase Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), a nerve growth factor. BDNF helps our brain improve cognitive abilities and helps us with memory and learning. The more BDNF, the better. If someone is starting to show signs of dementia, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often beneficial. While we normally breathe oxygen at a 21% concentration, a patient in a hyperbaric oxygen cham- ber breathes 100% pure oxygen under pressure. This pressure allows for oxygen to dissolve in the bloodstream and diffuse into tissues such as lymph and cerebrospinal fluids at concentrations not allowed under normal atmospheric conditions. The body’s blood and tissue oxygen concentrations may increase up to 20 times the normal level. Today the most profound use for hyperbaric oxy- gen is for the treatment of neurological disorders. With the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, brain damage believed to be irreversible may reverse.

3. Keep Mentally Active. Try brain exercises and study new topics to keep mentally active as the brain benefits from mental exercise. Also, it is es- sential to be socially engaged, studies show loneliness significantly increases dementia. Try brain exercises such as IQ Mind Wear for Brain Training for Cognitive Ability and Resilience (

4. Sleep. General healing occurs during sleep. This healing process includes the brain. Sleep apnea is associated with increased diabetes, cardiovascular dis- ease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you snore, wake up tired, or fall asleep easily while reading or watching TV, you may be suffering from various levels of sleep apnea.

When taking a 3-D Cone Beam dental scan, we find a significant num- ber of patients have a restricted airway, which usually indicates an apnea prob-

lem. If suffering from any of the above, a sleep study is a good idea. Make sure you practice good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene means that your bed- room should be dark and quiet, with no EMFs, and it is best not to be on your phone, computer, or watching TV for at least an hour before going to sleep.

5. Stress. Stress elevates cortisol which has been linked to cognitive decline. Having a positive attitude, not being a victim of circumstances, praying, yoga, exercise, meditation, a hobby, and anything else that helps you relax is essential. Walk barefoot in the sand or on the grass to “ground” you, thereby absorbing the earth’s electrons. Get plenty of sunlight as low vitamin D is associated with in- creased dementia risk. It is a good idea to know your Vitamin D level, this can be assessed with blood laboratory test- ing and is now included in our in-office Oligoscan testing.

6. Lower Your Toxic Load. We live in a toxic world. We have found that almost everyone has a problem with toxins. Among these toxins are heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, solvents, and mold. All of these toxins are pro-inflam- matory. There are various ways to test for these toxins and to decrease the toxic burden. We can do a chelation chal- lenge urine test for heavy metals. There are laboratory tests for various toxic chemicals, pesticides, and mold toxins as all of these can affect the brain. At our office, we offer the OligoScan and energetic EAV testing to help determine your toxic load.

7. Clean Up Your Mouth. Studies show periodontal disease is associated with increased Alzheimer’s disease. Hidden dental infections, including abscessed teeth, cavitations, and root-canaled teeth are toxic burdens on the immune sys- tem and are all pro-inflammatory. 3-D imaging of the dental structures avail- able in our center often uncovers these previously undetected problems. In the book “Beating Alzheimer’s,” author Tom Warren tells how he reversed his Alzheimer’s disease. Tom attributed his success in large part to removing vari- ous dental infections, mercury (silver) fillings, and other metals in his mouth. Mercury fillings give off mercury vapor which goes directly to your brain cells. If you remember the expression “Mad as a Hatter” associated with the Mad Hatter character in The Adventures of Alice in

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