Lunch & Learn Live Video Discussions with Dr. Diane interviewing our Natural Nutmeg expert contributors & Support for COVID-19

Natural Nutmeg has launched a new Lunch & Learn video cast interview series. The video casts highlight each guest’s practice/business, further promoting them as experts in their fi eld of expertise.

If you would like us to promote your practice/business by participating in our Lunch & Learns, please email Dr. Diane at: for more information.

Here are some testimonials about prior guest experiences on the call and the impact it has had on their practice/business.

“Dr. Diane certainly knows how to put someone at ease, creating a safe space to share thoughts and ideas. Her questions and added discussion enabled me to discuss what matters the most to me: education of the leaders we need and the role self-growth plays in all of our lives. In Diane’s enthusiastic and engaged hands, our conversation was truly a time I will treasure! I walked away elated for taking this opportunity to share with such an amazing person. I heartily endorse Diane and Natural Nutmeg for off ering all of us opportunities for growth and discussion.” ~ Sandi Coyne-Gilbert, MBA, DM, Goodwin University

“Dr. Diane Hayden has taken this time of uncertainty and turned it into an opportunity. Reaching to an audience seeking wellness advice amid fears of communicable disease, Dr. Diane came up with the idea of weekly Lunch and Learn discussions with experts in the fi eld of health and wellness. I closed my business as acupuncture is not deemed essential in the treatment of COVID-19, but I had the great fortune to talk about the unexpected benefi ts of acupuncture with Dr. Diane. Patients, some established and many new, learned about my practice and I look forward to being busy once again when we open for new patients in the near future. T ank you, Diane!” ~ Jessica Peck-Lindsey MS, MAc, LAc, Peck’s Family Acupuncture

“It was a pleasure to connect with Dr Diane Hayden at Natural Nutmeg online in discussing the cutting edge information on Traditional Chinese Medicine and COVID-19. Dr. Diane and Natural Nutmeg have been a great support in getting the holistic word out during this unusual time.” ~ Dr. Artemis Morris, ND, LAc, Artemis Wellness Center

“Diane is a skilled interviewer. We were able to cover a lot of excellent information. We used the interview on both our social media and website. It’s a great informational tool to refer patients as well as potential patients to listen.” ~ Dr. Adam Breiner, ND, Breiner Whole-Body Health Center

“Sharing EFT Tapping on Dr. Diane’s Lunch ’n Learn series was a highlight of my practice during this time of the Coronavirus! T e importance of reducing stress to strengthen our immune system is truly imperative, so T ank You for broadening the alternative medicine message that you do so well.” ~ Karen St. Clair, EFT International ACAP

“Diane was amazing to work with. She really understood my messaging and target audiences. Diane’s expertise in both wellness and marketing made me feel comfortable sharing my story through Natural Nutmeg’s webinar, as well as advertising.” ~ Dr Sherry Skyler Kelly, Licensed Psychologist

22 Natural Nutmeg - November/December 2020

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