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Tuesday, Nov. 10th 12pm

Dr. Diane interviews Dr. Josephine Perez on Why You Need a Biological Dentist

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Dr. Diane interviews Nina Azwoir on Emotional Intelligence in Investing

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Dr. Diane interviews Dr. Jared Skowron, Autism Biomedical Recovery Expert on What Causes Autism

Friday, Nov. 20th 12pm Dr. Diane interviews Dana Lee, CLC on Relationship Secrets for Singles

Tuesday, Dec. 1st 12pm

Dr. Diane interviews Dr. Jaquel Patterson on Natural Ways to Treat ADHD

Tuesday, Dec. 8th 12pm Dr. Diane interviews Dr. Katy Firisin on Immune Prevention for COVID-19 & Flu

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We sat facing each other with a lit candle on the ottoman between us. Thinking of the wisdom Don Mariano passed on to me, I looked around the room and spotted a smooth black stone and placed it along- side the flickering votive glass, in order to bring the contrast between light and dark directly in front of us. I asked Sandy a couple of questions.

“If you were having surgery, would you want

the operating room to lean more toward bright light or dim?”

And, “Which would you prefer if you were sharing a romantic dinner for two with your fiancé?”

The questions eventually led Sandy to consider

how her own preference for bright light might be blind- ing her to the value of the dim. By the time she left my office, she had experienced a leap in insight about herself, her mentor, and those who were her protegés in business. The next time Sandy walked into an executive coaching session, she carried the conscious awareness of the value of dialing down her own metaphoric dim- mer switch, so as to afford others the space and oppor- tunity to shine more brightly too. A small detail created a huge ripple in her professional world.

November and December are critical months of the

year where nature seasonally reflects the dim. From the autumn midpoint at Halloween to the winter solstice, the darkening light can feel oppressive and heavy to some. Events and circumstances can do the same, especially during this unprecedented year of 2020.

Perhaps if we loosen ourselves from our attachment to polarized views and discover the lean in between (without abandoning the valued extremes), loving the dim will bring to light refreshed insights that can help us find resilience during the darkest and most challenging of times. What a great way to prepare for the turn of a new cycle and the December holidays, which celebrate the return of lengthening light!

Pat Heavren is a life coach, mediator, and educator who is passionate about sup- porting individuals, couples and groups to flourish by aligning with the wisdom of the natural world. She is the author of Magic in Plain Sight: When Acceptance is the Heal-

ing and is former senior teaching faculty with the Four Winds Society, an international school of neo-shaman- ism and energy medicine. Pat has led workshops across the U.S., Canada and Latin America and works world- wide with clients via telephone and Zoom from her Woodbridge, CT, office. She can be reached at www. and 203.444.4424 for appointments. See ad on page 13.

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