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Clinical studies have shown that an enhanced aqueous colloid of silver (EACS) of 35 parts per million or more, is able to terminate sinus infections in a week or less and this is far better than sinus surgery or antibiotics. What’s more, it can be sprayed directly into the sinuses, so it doesn’t have to be taken systemically. You apply it only where the infection is occur- ring, in your sinuses. To reach the deeper sinuses, it is best to use a Neti Pot. You can fi ll your sinuses with the solution and then close off your nose with your fi ngers. Sitting this way for 10 or more minutes will kill more bacteria and fungus than a week of antibiotics.

The Right Concentration with the Right Protocol

Of course, since you have a sinus infection, the mucosal flow is pretty large. This will flush the antimicrobial from the area in less than 10 minutes. If it’s not there, it’s not working. It is abso- lutely paramount to the success of this therapy that you spray every 20 to 30 minutes. Using the Neti Pot in the morn- ing and evening for 10 minutes is also advised. Bacteria and fungus can double in number every 20 minutes.

The balanced holistic approach to sinusitis rests with using the right active agent, in the right concentration, in the right place and with the right protocol. If this is done, you will attenuate the fungus and the bacteria while not shifting the fauna and fl ora. You will re-establish the balance of power in your sinuses. I suggest that you look for an enhanced aqueous silver colloid product that offers sinus relief or some Super Neti-Juice for your neti pot. Colloids that espouse concentrations of 250ppm and 500ppm are compounded and in my testing have performed horribly. Look for 35ppm to 50ppm pure colloids.

Over the past 20 years, Steven Frank has directed and participated in more than a dozen clinical studies, written numerous papers, articles and books relating to natural

solutions for health. His many hours in the clinics and labs have generated patents on respiratory antisepsis and enhancement of colloids. See ad on inside cover. 18 Natural Nutmeg - November/December 2020

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