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that nutrients and oxygen can transfer easily to your baby. It also helps to speed up the transport of nutrients directly, so that your baby is getting everything they need to grow. The placenta is such an amazing organ and in getting enough choline, you are helping it to function at its best.

Choline Food Sources

It is possible to get enough choline in your diet, depending on your individual needs. The majority of choline-rich foods are animal foods. It is plentiful in eggs, liver, beef, chicken, and soybeans. Choline is found in lesser amounts in other foods such as kidney beans, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you want to be sure you are eating enough choline-rich, plant-based foods. The two top choline food sources are liver and eggs. For example, just one egg provides 200mg, which is close to half of the minimum requirement of 450mg per day. Additionally, just 3 oz of beef liver provides 356mg of choline. However, if you don’t eat eggs or liver regularly, it may be difficult to get in enough choline through diet alone.

If you are not eating enough choline-rich foods on a daily basis, it is recommended to take a supplement to help fill in the gaps. Choline is found in supplements as a single nutrient, in combination with a B-complex vitamin, or as part of a prenatal vitamin. The amount of choline in supplements can vary anywhere from 10-250 mg. The three most common forms of choline present in dietary supplements include choline bitartrate, phosphatidylcholine, and lecithin.

Getting enough choline will help support

your baby’s development in more ways than one. If you need more nutrition guidance and support in your pregnancy journey, request an initial con- sultation. I’d love to help guide you on the path to a healthy family.

Vicki Kobliner, MS, RDN, CD-N is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and owner of Holcare Nutrition. Vicki employs a functional nutrition approach in her work with infants through adults with chronic illnesses, digestive disorders, food allergies, ADHD and autism. Her passion is help- ing developing families optimize preconception, prenatal and first years of life to help them do all they can to have healthy, thriving children in the era of childhood chronic illness., See ad on page 25.

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