Summer 2020

TheFaircracker N E W S L E T T E R

Flor ida Federat ion of Fai rs & Livestock Shows, Inc .

President’s Message Jim Ward

Hello Fair Family, I am humbled and honored to be given the privilege to

be able to serve as the 2020 – 2021 President for The Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows. It has been a year already different from any other we have seen in the fair industry with so many fairs being can- celed due to Covid-19 and not being able to attend our fair

convention this year. With that being said, we are ready to press on and change with the times by creating a couple of new committees that will, hope- fully, assist fairs to get information that will help and allow them to return to nor- mal, or what the new normal will be. We have created a webinar or zoom com- mittee that will help get information to fairs sooner than having to wait for the summer workshop or the state convention. We had planned on taking our summer fair trip this year to the Wilson County

Fair in Lebanon, TN. Aug. 13th – 17th. But because of so much uncertainty still with the Covid-19, they have canceled what they call a traditional fair and asked us to please consider coming next year. So, with that being said, we will be looking for another summer fair or maybe even a fall fair to travel to. We will keep everyone up to date with plans. Our summer workshop will be September 25th & 26th at the Pasco County

Fairgrounds in Dade City. We will have hotel information coming shortly so everyone can be making plans and reservations. We also want to recognize two Fair Managers who have retired this year after

many years of service—Jeanne Keaton and Tom Umiker. Thank y’all so much for your years of service and leadership to the Florida Federation of Fairs! Let's also remember our many food concessionaires, entertainers, and mid-

way providers that are sitting idle at this time. facing hardship like they never have before. Let's reach out and support them any way we can. I look forward to visiting as many fairs as possible in the year to come and

remember I am only a phone call away. As we move forward in these uncertain times, we must come together and pull from each other's strengths and we must stay #FAIRSTRONG!

Dates to Remember Directory Cover Contest Deadline ............................................ July 31, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting, Dade City .......................... September 25, 2020 Summer Workshop, Dade City................................. September 25-26. 2020 IAFE Convention, San Antonio, Texas ....... November 29-December 2, 2020 FFF Convention, Naples .....................................................May 13-15, 2021

OFFICERS President

Jim Ward, President/CEO Pasco County Fair 37328 Church Ave.

Dade City, FL 33525 Phone: 813-714-1393 First Vice President

Rhonda Ward, Collier County Fair Second Vice President

Terry Atchley, Hardee County Fair

Secretary/Treasurer Hal Porter

Citrus County Fair Citrus

Immediate Past President Bill Olson

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair DIRECTORS

Eddie Cora, Miami-Dade County Fair

Fran Crone, SW FL & Lee County Fair Mark Harvey, North Florida Fair Shawn Krauel, Central Florida Fair

Rita DeMier Lincoln, South Florida Fair Jay Spicer, Martin County Fair

Shelly Terrell, Northeast Florida Fair Stacey Wade, Lake County Fair

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Eddie Porcelli, Spaghetti Eddie

Heidi Deggeller Pugh, Deggeller Attractions

HONORARY DIRECTORS Scot Eubanks, Florida Farm Bureau Michelle Faulk, FDACS


P.O. Box 368

Palmetto, FL 34220-0368 813-763-0161

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