Wigton-based CCL Secure, the global expert in polymer banknote substrate, has awarded its first grants from its new charitable fund that benefits people and communities in Allerdale and Copeland.

Managed by Cumbria Community Foundation, the CCL Secure Fund has supported five community groups across West Cumbria.

The gym at the Oval Centre in Workington, which is run by social enterprise, Fit 4 Life, received £1,000 towards new equipment. The gym offers a safe and friendly environment for people with chronic health conditions and is a low-cost alternative to mainstream fitness centres.

Manager of Fit 4 Life, Dougie Pomfret, said: “We have been able to purchase two new exercise bikes with the grant, which will make our clients experience with us even better than it was before.

“We have lots of sessions on offer including cardiac, stroke and pulmonary rehabilitation, over 50s sessions and sessions for the general public. People with a range of health conditions, such as high blood pressure, weight problems, diabetes, heart disease and more can join, and our team of specialist instructors are there to guide people back to fitness.”

Wigton Youth Station received £1,273, which contributed to keeping the centre open for the next year. It has been established for 21 years and provides a safe, social space for local youngsters in the area twice a week. Centre Manager, Angela Bicknell, said: “We’ve been very lucky to receive such support and I’m happy to say the Foundation has been a long- term supporter of the work we do.

“On average, we have 25-30 young people through the doors on any one night, with over 70 members in total. Wigton Youth Station is well equipped and experienced in addressing and working alongside our young people, their families and their communities.

“We work on prevention and early intervention to provide information and support, to change negative attitudes and their long-term prospects.”

Other organisations to benefit include Wigton Baths Trust, the 3rd Wigton Sea Scout Group both received £1,000 each and North Allerdale Development Trust received £2,000.

HR Manager-EMEAC, Mark Lancaster, said: “The community is essential to the success of the CCL Secure plant and we are delighted to have confirmed our first grants from the CCL Secure Community fund. The whole team at CCL Secure are looking forward to making a sustainable impact across Cumbria over the months and years to come.”

Grants Officer at Cumbria Community Foundation, Annalee Holliday, said: “This is an exciting time for us to be working with Mark and the CCL Team, who like many Cumbrian businesses are committed to finding ways to help their community. These organisations play a big part in holding communities together, especially during times when local services are under pressure and struggling to meet local needs.”

For more information about the fund, or to apply, visit or call the grants team at Cumbria Community Foundation. 01900 825760.


If you are interested in learning Karate, with a club which has access to coaches and athletes who compete at a National and International level, contact Gordon on 07801 835 589 or email or search for Cumbria Karate Academy on Facebook.

Cumbria Karate Academy has four branches in West Cumbria, based in Cockermouth, Workington, Egremont, and Whitehaven and is part of the Internationally renowned Yanagi Kai Association. Head Instructor, 6th Dan Gordon Harrison has over 30 years Karate experience and is a fully qualified British Elite Kumite Referee and Kata Judge.

New members are always welcome and if you

mention this article, your first month of training is free!

Alison O’Connor ISSUE 439 | 27 FEBRUARY 2020 | 41 Continued from cover...

This was an amazing achievement and reflected all the hard work and effort they have put into their training leading up to this event. The competition squad travel all over the Country to compete amongst some of the strongest athletes in the sport.

The club meets at Fairfield Primary School in Cockermouth on Tuesdays, from 6.00pm until 8.00pm and Saturdays, from 10.30am until 12.30pm. Classes are available from age 5 through to adults.

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