Home & Garden Fall Begins!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Chilly October nights warming to glistening sunny days full of sweet birdsong, White Crown spar- rows,


Flickers and Yellow Rumpe warblers to name a few. Cold frames filled with scatterings and rows of the Chinese green Tatsoi, delicate ro- sette heads and su- perb mild flavor, small Tom Thumb lettuce, bunching onions and garlic. Delicious, almost thornless autumn rasp- berries ready to cut back very soon after a sweet harvest of

tarts and jams to spread on warm, buttery thick slices of Texas toast on a winter day. Flittering white and pink

petals of gaura blossoms will do their last dance as frost looms. Leaves on trees are

has scattered its seeds and left striking silhouettes throughout the garden along with other tall fading seed heads. October is the time to clean

up garden beds. Remove seeding noxious weeds to the green can rather than your compost bins. Winter cover crops such as vetch, clover and fava beans should be planted in vacant beds to chop and turn in spring before they start developing seeds to save nutrients. It’s time to plant

perennials, trees and shrubs so the com- ing rains will heal

turning shades of burnished red, bright yellow and speck- led shades of rich orange. Vi- olet-pink Verbena Bonariensis

them in. Pot them up or de- sign a spectacular hedgerow, herb filled potager, a new orchard or design privacy

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screens. You decide?! Trim perennials and start cuttings in containers of well-drained soil for spring. Visit Urban Tree Farm, 20 acres of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Fam- ily owned, boasting the largest landscape nurs- ery in California. Get lost in their amazing healthy selections of EV- ERYTHING. ur-, 3010 Fulton Road in Fulton. Call them if you like 707-544-4446. Bring home some- thing fabulous for your garden!! Bulbs are filling crates in

garden centers all over town as well as bulb catalogues for mail order. Kate Porter

at King’s nursery said they have bulbs ‘coming out of their ears!’ Choose from ex- otic, richly colored parrot tulips, reds and pink tulips of their Valentine candy col- lection, perfectly stunning in big pots! Plant lovely purple and blue shades of muscari, yellow, white, purple and striped crocus bulbs perfect for burying in your lawn, the erotic scents of paper whites, mammoth tulips in gorgeous shades of purple, yellow, pink, red

and stunning Orange Queen. They are also offering big bags of 50 tulips and or daffodils ...continued on page 27

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