Upbeat’s ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE Local Composer Raising Funds for All the Real Heroes of Who Fought Fires

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ “How can we ever properly thank these brave men and women who protect our homes and save our lives?” asks Smoke Sol- diers composer, David Ben- jamin Gruenbaum. Gruenbaum’s city, Santa

Rosa, underwent a horrific fire in October 2017. “Our family home was in immi- nent danger of burning up. I will be forever grateful to all of those who saved our house,” says Gruenbaum. Gruenbaum, whose 80’s underground hit, Dancing on the Wire, is currently experiencing a resurgence on YouTube and Discogs, had already written 'I Love Santa Rosa', an ode to the beauty of Wine Country’s largest city. But, Gruenbaum wanted to do more- something that would thank and pay trib- ute to the world’s brave fire-

fighters and first responders. Everyone’s running out, but

you’re walking in. Now, it’s just the fire and your heart-

most talented people feel my sense of obligation to the fire- fighters. We all came together to bring Smoke Soldiers to life.” Ed Goldfarb, the Poke-

mon composer and pro- ducer, produced and ar- ranged Smoke Soldiers. Ben Dixon, the lead singer of Pokemon themes is the main vocalist. Defini- tion Films, Northern Cal- ifornia’s leading video/ film company created the Smoke Soldiers video, which features the mes- merizing photography of Tenaya Fleckenstein. Gruenbaum has released Smoke Soldiers as a CD

beat. “This is my favorite lyric in the song,” says Gruenbaum. “I tried to capture the range of emotions that firefighters face when they are fighting fires. Luckily, some of California’s

and as a streaming single. Smoke Soldiers CDs, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are available for purchase at Smoke Sol- diers at smokesoldiers

All profits will go to fire-re-

lated charities. In addition, Gruenbaum is making Smoke Soldiers available to fire acad- emies or anyone else who wants to promote firefighting as a career. Gruenbaum makes the strong

point that Smoke Soldiers are more than just firefighters. “Police officers, EMTS, and call responders are crucial to overcoming fires.” Addition- ally, Gruenbaum deliberately features women both in the song and the video. “We des- perately need more female firefighters. Fires will continue to be-

come more prevalent and we need as many Smoke Soldiers as possible.” “I’m certain that the song will at least catch on in California, maybe our whole country, and it could conceivably go world-wide!”

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JOKES & Humor #3

"Good idea," the second man replied, taking out a can of spray paint and making a large X on the floor of the boat.

Two fishermen decided to rent a boat on a lake. After fishing for hours at various spots and catching nothing, they decided to try one more time before calling it quits. Suddenly, fish started biting and they caught their limit inside of 20 minutes. "Hey, we should mark this spot so next time we'll know where to fish," the first man told his buddy.

"Why'd you do that?" his friend asked.

"Now anyone who rents this boat will know where to fish."

MarinMOCA Offers Free Hands-on Art Program for Families

NOVATO, CA. ~ The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA) is launching a free program which provides art-making opportunities to parents with their children. A fun and educational alterna- tive to “screen time,” the pro- gram is taught by professional art instructors in a variety of media – from painting to mixed media to clay. First Sunday of every

month, 11am – 3pm. Starting Sunday, October 6, 500 Palm Drive, Novato, CA 94949. Media inquiries: Nancy Reh- kopf Executive Director ~ (415) 637-9730

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