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he Harvest is on! Grapes are being crushed and back-yard gardens are

getting harvested. October is one of my favorite months. With shorter days, and cooler eve- nings, vineyards turn brilliant fall colors, signaling seasonal changes. This is a fun time in Sonoma County - Harvest fair, pumpkin patches, baseball play-offs, the World Series and my favorite, Hal- loween. This is also the tail end of the traditional home buying season. Realtors work hard to get their clients into contracts, competing for those limited listings. Fall is in the air!

Fall is also a time to get your

home ready for winter. Time to finish those outside projects before the winter storms make them more of challenge or im- possible. Finish those paint- ing projects, fence repairs, clean out those rain gutters and storm drains, and shut off those watering lines. Fall is the time to get everything winterized.

Cleaning out

those rain gutters can be an ongoing project during the fall. I have a century old oak that graces my yard with its shade throughout the summer. Come fall it burdens me with constant cleanup. The worse is the onslaught of acorns, filling my rain gutters and lit- tering my patio and walkways

with annoying acorns. Just a quick walk to get the paper is like walking on marbles. Ev- ery weekend till winter is a challenge to stay ahead of the downfall. Make sure you fin- ish all your outside painting project and touchups. You can’t paint cold wet wood. It just won’t stick. Walk your fence line and

look for the loose boards and weak posts. A good storm could make that a terrible winter project. Shut off your drip and irrigation lines. This will save water and prevent any busted lines from a win- ter freeze. Also, if you are on Santa Rosa water, they will use your winter use to calcu- late your sewer bill. This is also a good time to test your smoke and CO detectors. Smoke detectors usually have

Getting Ready for Fall! by Barry O'Meara of Santa Rosa, CA •

a ten-year life expectancy and back-up batteries need chang- ing periodically. It is a great time to follow through on pro- crastinator’s projects that are so easy to dismiss. No matter how big or small

your living space is, put these fall days to work for you Ti- dy-up, clean windows and stock up, so when winter hits, you won’t feel rushed and ill prepared. As we wrap up the harvest

and sip our favorite bever- ages, and the sun sets earlier, let’s root for the A’s, as our wild card heroes in the play- offs. When things do not go as planned, find the unseen benefit (silver lining) and go for the gold!


Weird Facts & Fun Trivia - 4 Americans eat

approximately 350 slices of pizza per second.

Samuel Morse, an American most famous for inventing the telegraph, noted that pizza was a "nauseating cake" that looked like "a piece of bread that had been taken reeking out of the sewer."

In America, annual pizza sales exceed $28 billion a year.

Thanksgiving is the day Americans eat the least amount of pizza.

In Sweden, pizza is often topped with bananas and curry powder.

Listen to the sounds of

nature. Wishing you the best on your trek

towards your dreams. Kalpana Chawla


Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond. ~ Ray Charles

B. O’Meara

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