Upbeat Times at the San Juan Islands!

SAMNZAR's Smoke Shack is Open!

Hi Paul! Another Upbeat Time adventure! We toured the San Juan islands on the western most boarder between Canada and the United States by boat. One of our stops on the larg-

est island, San Juan Island, was American Camp. This camp and the English Camp were established as mili- tary outposts during the dis- pute between American and England (1859-1874) over the water boundary among these

islands. The largest town in the San Juan Islands is Friday Harbor.

The legend associated

with the name of this town is an early sea going explorer sought shelter in this harbor and before anchoring shouted to a person on the shore “What bay is this?” the response from the shore was “Friday.”

~ Len & Becky Schwer of Windsor, California

Sebastopol, CA. ~ Just 2.7 miles West of Sebastopol you'll find our good friend and very friendly conversational- ist Greg Brummet, selling his famous smoked salmon from his 'Smoke Shack' at 9200 Bodega Hwy in Sebastopol. You cant miss his signage! The signs are 1/4 mile out in both directions on Bodega Hwy before you reach the top of the hill among the beautiful apple orchards. His smoked salmon is flavorable and car- ries a slightly sweet rich and yummy smoked aroma! Great for picnics at the ocean or at home with some of your fa- vorite crackers, french bread and Brie. Make sure you tell him you heard about it in the Upbeat Times! He even also offers mail order and sells out quickly so make sure you call him in advance! He's been selling his tasty gourmet fish since 1973 and going strong! If you want to contact him and get your smoked salmon or- der in before the holidays, call him at 707-829-6699.


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