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GOLF 101

Learning How to Slow Down

by James Fish •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Life moves pretty fast in these times, sometimes too fast. Few and far between are the days when we just simply re- lax and let go. Golf is different because everything moves at a

at a race-track; but speed is a double-edged sword. So even though the tortoise is no match for the hare, I still tell my stu- dents that, “slow and steady wins the race.” “Think 80% on your next few swings.” Learning how to slow down one’s swing might seem easy, but clearly it is not. Many golfers delight in the idea of killing that golf ball and sending it into next week. Hit- ting it far might be cool, but hitting


straight is bet- ter.

Hard to grasp

the fact that a 300 yard drive

is worth the same amount of value in terms of strokes as a two foot putt. No won- der why some folks go

pedestrian pace, except when we are actually swinging that club. Then things can move very fast, with ball speeds over a hundred miles an hour. Speed is really just one part of the equation but it is not the most important. Establish- ing and maintaining balance throughout the entire arc of the golf swing is the peak of our performance. Two hundred yards down

the middle of the fairway is a lot sexier than 300 yards out of bounds. Yes we can be hyp- notized by speed like patrons

ballistic for that very reason. Nevertheless, understanding the role of tempo in a good golf swing should never be overlooked. Teaching proper posture, alignment, ball po- sition, grip and grip pressure, extension and release are all considerably easier concepts to teach than tempo. All of those things are set up keys and we need to have those ducks in a row. When we dis- cover the relative importance of tempo we begin to connect the dots in the greater con- stellation. Tempo is like the glue which holds all the other pieces of the puzzle together.

Golf is truly a great metaphor which mirrors life. When we get to moving too fast we can sometimes lose our balance and our way. Taking the time to understand the space be- tween the notes is one way to slow down and appreciate all that exits on or off the golf course. Learning how to medi- tate and to follow one’s breath can be a great way to connect with our own natural rhythms. When this space becomes

more open a golfer can truly connect with a greater spirit of balance and presence. When you become adept at slowing down and feeling the force, you will no longer be driven by the need to force the feel; and your tempo will be poetry in motion for all to see.

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