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By Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~ ~ Charting editor: Allison Campbell

i everybody! Happy Equinox. Happy fall and pumpkin spice every-

thing. We’ve definitely hit the light-tipper though - seems to be getting so darker so sooner. Feels like we went from Sep- tember to September and the rest of the year fell right out of the cannoli. Ah, well at least we had a cannoli to get a few bites into, right? Oh Libra! Cardinal Air-

equilibrium and serenity achieved through an act of will; directed intent. Pretty interesting. Libra-the higher octave of Venus, partnered to sister earth-bound-Venusian, Taurus; different wisdoms, different beauties. A different angle to approach a question, thought or issue. The air has gone to my head. Airhead is not a particularly nice thing to call someone but it’s distracting up here. There seem to be so many more in- teresting options in air, such a relief after that total Earth – fest we dusted through in the past few weeks (most major planets in earth signs) Heavy going.

But/Now we have, as they

say a little “Housekeeping “. Last month I started to intro- duce Vincent Van Gogh as a

Libra- Nope, He is an Aries opposite sign from Libra. My misstep. In the world of as- trology there really is no such thing as a mistake – well there are, but that’s in the up-close- and-personal - ground floor- terra firma -way. Van Gogh was trying so hard to seize his desire and I guess Libra’s bal- ance would offer a tonic to the impulsive intensity of Aries. And to the Libra, who can ag- onize in indecision, remember your fourth right brother and counterpoint Aries. The won- derous part of this art form- astrology, is that it can give you some clarifying distance and wide-angle views on things- such as your blunders. In the third week of this

month we will enter Scorpio, heralded as one of the most intense signs of the Zodiac (mm mm smell those apples a bakin’) and if it so happens that a Scorpio team would play an Aries team in the world se- ries it would be the first time in living memory

it would be

a draw since each sign has it’s own form of intensity. Scor- pio, being emotional and men- tal (who you calling mental?) and Aries being physical and mental. Our artistic ambassador will

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No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. ~ Shanina Shaik UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • OCTOBER 2019 • Pg 31

be Pierre Bonnard for Scorpio (I checked this time Oct. 3, 1867) His pastel, close value palette makes me sing inside. I prefer his intensity of ex- pression of landscapes as op- posed to the bathroom scenes which are gorgeous, but their intensity makes me feel like a peeper creeper and mentally claustrophobic. Like all the signs each have their crowns and their beanies, tricks or treats.

Enjoy the autumn and the

apples and the pumpkin spice (hee hee) Happy birthday elegant equalibriests and cel- ebratory creepers !

Upbeat Times in Cotati, CA!

Zak Zaikine:

A Whimsical Sonoma County Artist!

Zak Zaikine

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