In A Word: Living the Upbeat Life... BUTTONS [buh-tunz]

by Marcia Singer of Santa Rosa, CA. ~ ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ I don’t re- call how it got started, pinning but- tons on my guitar straps, the kind that promote people, places, ideas, or comic remarks. I still have my first one, my 1970s “Frisco Disco -Dance Your (Behind) off.” Rag- gedy and stained, it’s a collector’s item, San Fran’s first discotheque, 301 Columbus Avenue. There was another button that I loved, my “I’m excited!” button. It would sometimes pop off the strap, all by itself in the middle of a performance. Apparently, it was either in a state of rapture, or in pro- test of my choice of song. Over the years, customers, friends, fans brought me but- tons to add to my strapped col- lection. Like “Vote For Chuck” –but who he was, I have no recol- lection. Here are some others in my collection.

“Let There Be Trees” –The official button from a non-profit in Wich- ita, started many years ago by two of my parents’ best friends there, the Mathurs. Balbir, an immigrant from Pakistan, and his wife Treva, set about to help impoverished vil- lagers in rural areas of India and Pa- kistan to be able to eat, and to make

All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it

supports. Chief Seattle

I love being outside, and I love the fresh air. ~ Brian Stokes Mitchell

a living, growing, tending and sell- ing the fruit of moringa trees. At their retirement in 2016, over two million had been planted, and their organization is still going, with vol- unteers still traveling from around the coun-

try and

“Expect A Miracle” –Given to me on a red birthday visor cap, beside a “It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood” button, by then best friend, 1995, author Diane Loomans.

“Be Fit” and “Protect Wildlife” – When she had to move and clean house, Claudine, a 85 year young French immigrant and ar- tiste, determined that I should be the one to save her entire

world, to successful methods.

“My Name Is Marcia” –This one earned a spot on a strap simply be- cause seldom does my name ever appear on any kind of commercial item.

“Tipping Is Not A City In China” –This small gem was given to me

learn their

collection. Despite considerable debilitations, she attended our sing- alongs, told me jokes, brought me cookies. “Salaam Shalom, Peace Is Possi- ble” –Years ago, at a L.A. forum on peace-making, I learned of a Mid- dle East project bringing together high school teens from Israel and Palestine. These youth were de- flating stereotypes and prejudices, discovering common humanity, being teenagers. “I was there in the room, I remember…” –I

early in my piano bar career by a faithful patron with a sense of hu- mor. We hoped that whenever someone asked me what the button said, I would not only get a laugh, but a pony up to the ole tip jar.

was in the room, part of Sonoma County’s ground-breaking first per- formance of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, Petaluma, 2009. The monologue I chose happened to have been originally performed by Jane Fonda, as a mother witnessing her daughter giving birth….(It’s on youtube.)

“Crazy: Cognitively Unique” – Should I remember who gave me this?? I get a kick out of sporting the buttons, and telling my little tales whenever an innocent audience member asks, “What do those but- tons say?” The telling varies, and so does the reminiscing experience. Maybe I’ll wear them all for Hal- loween?! Shining deLight,

Dada’s Deli Restaurant Marcia

OCTOBER 2019 JOKES & Humor #5

A doctor told his patient, “There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, you have partial short-term memory loss.”

The patient said, “Oh no, Doctor. What’s the bad news?” ~

The boating store was hav- ing a big sale on canoes. It was quite the oar deal. ~

I was in the gym earlier and decided to jump on the treadmill.

People were giving me weird looks, so I started jogging instead.

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