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Pulham & Co Solicitors Inheritance Tax Do you know the rules?

WHEN young people work out the figures on their parents and grandparents estates they could be a little disappointed. If their parents had been a little more say the children could hae been a little better off. Inheritance a rules allow people to make an annual gift of , per person per financial year, but  of adults in the  are not aware of this limitation, research by urich Insurance has found. Only  hae actually

taken adantage of the gift allowance but  said they were planning to use it one day in the future”, but of those aged , oer a third admitted they had no idea how much they were allowed to pass on. It’s worth chipping away

at any ecess part of your estate because the taable rate is . In other words your children would be , better off if you make ust one gift, but keep doing it, year after year, and it will soon add up, of course, each parent can make hisher own separate gift. hat’s , per year. hat happens if you want

to gie more nder  rules gifts aboe the allowed , would immediately begin to eat up the tafree threshold of ,, so larger sums could inole a ta liability, but they might not. hey are potentially eempt. If the donor manages to surie oer seen years after making the gift then his slate is wiped clean, but care must be eercised because the RC look at the precise timing of gifts in strict chronological

sequence, based on the date when your cheque reaches your bank for payment. So, if you hae gien large cheques to your two children one of them might hae to pay ta, but not the other, depending on how soon they banked their cheques, or when you clicked send” in your on line banking programme. hose cheques were potentially eempt”  meaning the recipient has to wait and see whether he will get a ta bill. fter seen years he no longer has to worry. If death occurs before then he might benefit from some tapering” rules. hese rules don’t affect the alue of the gift, as many people think. hey reduce the ta

that might be payable. So they hae no effect on smaller gifts below ,, where there’s no ta to pay, but on a gift of, say , there could be ta on , but, for eample, this would be at a reduced rate of ust  if the gift was more than four years before death, but bear in mind all other beneficiaries would be paying the full rate because the lifetime gift in your faour had used up the estate’s ta free personal allowance. or further adice about Inheritance a and lifetime gifts contact ohn ulham at essrs ulham  Co gmere ouse, arket

Teeing off to raise £5,000 of charity cash

 campaign to raise ital funds towards the running costs of an innoatie resource centre for people with lifelimiting illnesses has been gien a , boost thanks to the generosity of local golfers. he ear ree und, formerly known as alesworth Community ursing Care und, hosted its fifth annual golf day at alesworth olf Club on riday th September. round  golfers took to the fairways to take part in the main competition, a putting contest and raffle, which together raised a total of ,. he money will go towards

the running costs of the ear ree Centre, which is being built on land net to Cutlers ill Surgery in alesworth and is due to open later this year or early in . he centre will bring a

full range of holistic serices closer to home for people in south orfolk and north east Suffolk who hae cancer or other lifelimiting illnesses. his includes benefits adice, support for children and families,

ed dwards, cochair of

the ear ree Centre proect, said e are incredibly grateful to eeryone who supported our golf day and made it go with such a swing. olfers from across ast nglia and as far afield as Chelmsford oined us this year, and really enoyed the day. Our thanks go to those

who took part, our fantastic olunteers who worked so hard to make sure the day ran smoothly and to eeryone at alesworth olf Club for their ongoing support. e are delighted that we

raised such a great sum which will make a real difference to people liing in alesworth and

the surrounding

area when the ear ree Centre opens its doors.” he ear ree und is now

raising money towards the centre’s running costs of around , a year. o find out more about the centre and how you could support the charity, isit


therapies, help understanding a diagnosis, counselling and bereaement support.



Halesworth Volunteer Centre unch

October th. C, St ary’s alesworth, the lyth alley eam will be holding our nd Community unch on ednesday th October in the Church from pm. his time we will be proiding hot soup and rolls and a selection of cakes and hot drinks. Our summer picnic was a great success and we hope that een more of you will be able to attend. C will be proiding Community Cars for those of you who cannot make it under your own steam. ust call us on   eccles ank Run. e hae had some interest in our

oint scheme with C to run a special bus to get people who can no longer trael independently to eccles for their appointments or for a fun bit of shopping. o make it all iable, we really do need a couple more people and then we can go ahead. If you are interested, please call us on  . Sociable Soups. he ecellent Rumburgh Sociable Soups eent will be taking place on onday th October. If you would like transport for this eent, please contact osie on  . Ipswich uilding Society.

uge thanks to our wonderful friends at Ipswich uilding Society and the people who sae with them. e were delighted to receie a cheque for oer . It has been a priilege to be the alesworth team’s Charity.  big thank you to icky and the team for their support. C nnual eneral eeting. C will be holding our  at alesworth olf Club on hursday th October at .pm. e would loe to see you there. If you would like to attend, please gie us a call on  .

Make hay while it rains on the Green ‘THE FEELING’ TO


ROC band, he eeling will headline Suffolk’s most spectacular fireworks show on Saturday nd oember

at eeningham all, the rade I listed eorgian mansion near alesworth. he eent, which is held

in the estate’s ,acre parkland, will also see ittle Sister and organway take to the stage for a stellar lineup of lie music  entertainment that goes on late into the eening. ‘Ior oello’ award winning,

rit ward

nominated band he eeling first burst onto the scene in  with their debut op   hit ‘Sewn’. he band’s debut album, wele Stops nd ome, followed in une . It was a huge success, selling . million copies worldwide with platinum sales of oer , in ritain. long with ‘Sewn’,

the album also included the bona fide hit singles ‘ill y ittle orld’, ‘eer e onely’ and

‘oe It hen ou Call’. ccompanying airplay made them the most played act on ritish radio that year, receiing , spins or  a day. In due course, the band won the prestigious

‘Ior oello’ ward for Songwriters of the ear. he lie music begins as

soon as the gates open at .pm and the huge bonfire is lit, whilst the spectacular fireworks display, once again by ull ffects ireworks, takes place between pm and pm. here is also a traditional funfair including dodgem cars, a helter skelter, bars, plus fish  chips, hog roast, barbecue and a ariety of other tasty local foods. he eent sees all proceeds

raised going to local charities and the estate does not take any of its epenses, including the cost of the fireworks. ickets are aailable in adance from the following outlets alesworth ine Shop, alesworth olf Club, he untingfield rms and afield Coop and online at www.suffolkfireworks. where you can also find more information about

the eent.

e’e had a great start to the utumn term and hae welcomed new children to preschool, all of whom hae settled in brilliantly. Oer the summer months we completely reamped our outdoor play scape, with the introduction of specific small world discoery ones including dinosaur and prehistoric world. e hae also installed a brandnew wooden playhouse which has been an instant hit with the children, curtesy of funding from Suffolk Community oundation through Suffolk iing und. Special thanks also to C andscaping for donating and laying turf, ings andscaping urf and the preschool committee and parents who gae their time and epertise to make this happen.

I writing this report, I am haing a tet conersation with a man who is in a difficult situation. e has been in it for a while. In the past, he would be rushing around, trying to change his circumstances. e is a Christian man, and he knows that for him, at this time, that would not be right. here will come a time when those difficult circumstances will change, but for now, what is more important is that he changes. It has been a priilege to walk with him on his ourney through impatience and frustration to a place where he has found peace. ast Sunday nd a young

lady got married. othing unusual about that but it was a new beginning for this loely gandan lady who came to us some years ago struggling with  and with selfworth around ero. e couldn’t change her circumstances and nor could she, but she did ask

e still currently hae some

spaces aailable, so if you would like to come along and discoer the opportunities that we can offer your ,  and  year olds as they begin their ourney through early years care and education, we are haing an open morning on Saturday th October, ampm. Come along to ramfield SteppingStones, meet the staff and iew our reschool for yourseles. If you are unable to make it to the Open morning but would like to meet us and hae a tour of our setting, ust call   and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment to suit you. e look forward to meeting you all www.bramfieldpreschool. News from Halesworth Community Church

us to ourney with her. e did, and it has been so gratifying to see her enter this new phase of her life with so much more confidence and hope. any of the circumstances

we find ourseles in are not of our choosing. Some of them are. It is always tempting to escape the uncomfortable when we do hae the choice, but not always right. hat we all need is someone to ourney with us, to help us understand, so that we respond in a way that makes us better, not bitter. hat is what church can be – a place where we ourney together, hear od together and learn how to respond so that we change for the better. or more information,

please isit the website www. halesworthcommunitychurch. org

John Sparkes

 is it about ednesdays Sunshine on uesdays, sun on hursdays, but when we want to cut and rake and stack hay on a ednesday – rain. Our midweek workparties hae been rained off ery often in the last few weeks and you’ll hae noticed that we’re behind with the summer mowing. hy not ust leae it ecause then all the reen’s meadows would look like Chestnut eadow. hat’s the one that you get to after hite ridge, with the loely walk alongside the ew Reach and with a path mown around the outside but otherwise chock ablock with tough growth becoming scrub. It’s good to hae scrub, there is a whole network of plants, animals and birds that thrie in those conditions. oweer, reen users also want to see wild flowers in spring and the softer grasses, with all the creatures that lie on them. So we will keep cutting and stacking elsewhere on the reen. he more the merrier, come and spend ust halfan

Three of our best mowers.

hour, if you like, wielding a rake or pitchfork and help the haystacks grow. One ednesday while mowing we found a dormouse nest, and an unusual spider who wears a waspstriped ersey. e hae been ery glad this summer to share the hay and the seed it contains with olunteers from alcon Community eadow in ungay who are needing to reseed land there that they are reclaiming for local people and wildlife. aymaking is good eercise, as much or as little as you like, and good company. e meet at the containers

industrial estate at .am, bring a drink and a nibble and we’ll supply gloes and tools or ust come straight to olly eadow, you’ll find us easily. e work for approimately  hours with a sociable break in the middle but you can do as little or as much as you like and hae time for. Our website ‘alesworth illennium reen’ carries news of past and future eents, photos, wildlife records, history and geology or email thegreen

Dee’s Den – The Pear Tree Fund (formerly the Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund)

S our ear ree Centre nears completion – the money raised in ee’s en goes towards the running costs of this facility in proiding a range of serices for the people of alesworth and surrounding mile area. lease support us with this fantastic facility. here are always amaing

bargains to be had in the en – different bargains eery day. e offer a wide range of ery reasonably priced clothes for men, women and some baby and children’s clothes too and lots of accessories to complete the look. he  rail of clothes is always outside when the weather is dry. e hae a ‘new in’ rail for those that come in frequently to more easily check our new stock. Our utumn clothes, shoes and boots are now out as we prepare for the colder weather  come and hae a look In the ‘children’s alley’

there are toys, games, igsaws, clothes, shoes, wellies, and equipment where children can browse without worrying of a trip haard. e proide a wide range

of books to suit all tastes and all ages from p – p, occasionally a special book

may only be  e hae eerything for the

home – small items of furniture, kitchen and tableware, curtains and bedding. e can equip students going off to uniersity.  big thank you to nne,

who continues to proide our delicious homemade ams and marmalade – always popular and delicious hank you, ob, aggie and udy, for storage space len for electrics and ulian for checking watches and clocks eath for bay. ll who contribute to the success of the shop thank you for your continued support of donations and also those that buy. onations of clean, usable, saleable items please. e also accept clean clothes and household items for recycling – please let us know when dropping them into us – we make seeral hundred pounds a month. If you hae more than a couple of bags at a time or larger items or need collection, we ask that you phone   and leae a message, so we can phone you back to make arrangements. Our popup shop in Ichameleon in September

enabled us to sell additional items and display our plans for ‘Richard’s garden’ at the ear ree Centre in memory of r Richard ell and his commitment to the charity and the community of alesworth. gain, thank you to those who bought and donated towards the planting of the garden. e raised nearly , during the week.

hank you as always to our fantastic team of olunteers – inda, ileen, Sue , auline, ill, Chrissie, ary, ot, aty, ane, Chris, ay, alda, rica, nne, ernadette, Sue, awn, Claire, Susie, ane, arb, rances, i and Irene also Stee. If you too are interested in olunteering please contact ikki in the shop or  . ust to remind you ee’s

‘en’ is open  days a week, uesday, ednesday, riday am – pm, onday, hursday and Saturday our half days we close at pm. lease don’t leae bags of goods at the door if we are closed, ust contact us –  . ou will find ee’s en in Steeple nd near the church. Nikki

Throbbin Hood gallops on to the BIG screen!

ISO ilm heatre returns to Sherwood orest in October, when a special oneoff charity screening of the adult antomime, hrobbin ood, is screened, in aid of local causes. Recorded lie at the Spa ailion heatre, elistowe in October , the oer ’s antomime for rownups is an outrageous madcap medieal romp, which was originally performed by ayne urns and his cast of local mischief makers, as a threenight, sell out run at the eiston ilm heatre. Shortly after, the cast was inited to bring the show to the stage of elistowe’s

Spa ailion heatre, which they did, performing to a near capacity crowd in the process. In this saucy ersion of the familiar tale of ottingham’s faourite outlaw, Robin and his band of ery erry en take the fair aid arian into their fold, but the ruthless Sheriff of ottingham decides that he wants to imprison her at his castle on the hill for his own pleasure uckily, Robin is aided by riar uck, who has a dirty habit and the not so little ohn, to help rescue Robin’s one true loe. hrobbin ood creator and eiston ilm heatre

manager, ayne urns said, It’s important to show our appreciation to the local community who continue to support our performances and if we can raise a laugh, whilst raising money for community causes, all the better.” hrobbin ood  appears on screen at the eiston ilm heatre on Sunday th October at pm. ickets are priced at . and are now aailable from the eiston ilm heatre bo office on   or online at www.

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