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October in your Garden From Signature Landscaping

OCTOBER this year has a very different outlook, but whatever happens on Halloween our gardens will still need to be looked after.

September has

been on the whole a lovely month, but rain was still a rare occurrence, I hope everyone’s water buts are clean and ready for any rain that does come. Unfortunately, weeds don’t seem to need water to grow so we need to get these cleared out of the beds before we apply any winter mulch. Frost shouldn’t be a problem early in the month but please be aware of any possible night frosts towards the end of October.


is always a good idea to plan what needs protection and how you are going to protect before the fi rst frosts hit. October is a month to prepare, not just for winter but for next spring. Sitting back now will energise the plant to produce super growth next year.


everything needs to be cut back as leaving top growth actually gives protection through the cold winter months. This is a good time to divide up herbaceous perennials and move plants around. Many perennials fl ower less with time and become congested. If you are to look at a clump of say Day lily which is not

fl owering, try diiding it up. Dig it up, cut it into smaller pieces and just re plant each clump. It makes a mess in the border, established plants are hard to dig out which is why it is a good job to do now. If plants get a bit trampled and trod on it doesn’t matter much in October but can be a disaster in May. You may need to check individual plants because the rule of thumb is divide every 3-5 years but some plants, Achillea prefer more often and others, Peony don't like to be disturbed at all. If you have a plant which is failing to fl ower well, and it has a bald patch in the middle, chances are it needs to be divided. Dig up the plant and lay out on the lawn (maybe lay down some plastic fi rst pick off the best, newer growing areas, re plant these and compost the old tired centre of the plant. If the plant is very congested you may need to hack at it with a sharp spade, don't worry it will rejuvenate in the spring. It's not too late to take lavender cuttings, pick non fl owering shoots, with heel or bit of bark attached. Cut away lower leaes so it fi ts in the pot easily and put 3 or 4 per pot, stand in gritty free draining compost and coered for the fi rst stages

until they root.

If your garden has trees, it is worth saving the leaves to make leaf mould which is an excellent mulch for the garden. It is easy to make a pen; just mould chicken wire into a bin with stake in each corner to give structure. Rake up and pile the leaves in and they will rot down over the gardening year ready to spread on borders as mulch following winter/ spring. You can tell when it’s ready as it will be well rotted, and crumbly.

If you have no

space you can store in bin bags but it is important to put holes in to allow the air otherwise it will become a slimy mess. Leaf mould makes a great mulch around rhododendrons, camellias and woodland plants. Signature Landscaping has over ten years experience looking after some of the loveliest gardens in the area if we can be of any assistance please call us. Enjoy your garden this month and every month but if you want any help or advice please give me a ring 07939 855932. Richard Bareham Signature Landscaping 07939 855932 Please fi nd us on Facebook – Signature Landscaping

H alesw orth & D istrict G ardeners’ S ociety

OUR next meeting is Sir Nicholas Bacon, “History of Raveningham Hall” at 7.30pm on October 10th. There is a £1 charge for non-members. Our AGM is at 3pm on November 7th, both held at St Mary's Church Hall, Church Farm Lane, Halesworth. All are welcome. Our 43rd Annual Flower Show took place on September 7th. Unfortunately, the entries were much lower than previous years, but those that did enter put on a very good show. We really do need more entries from our members - 39% of them this year were put in by just two people.

The trophies were presented by our President and Chairman Dr Wilson. 43rd Annual Show results: The winners of the trophies were A Goodchild -

Championship Cup,

Horticultural Society Tankard, Doughboy Shield and Joint Winner of The Bynum Shield; M Wilson - Charlotte Rose

Shield, Joint Winner of Daisy May Shield; Y Eady - Stanley Felgate Trophy, Scrimgeour Cup, Jennifer Dickson Cup; C Moriary - Joint Winner of the Daisy May Shield; B Hammond - Joint Winner of the Bynum Shield; J Crabb – Horticultural Society Cup; E Maulden - Gardeners Society 1988 Rose Bowl; B Medhurst  oint inner of the ighfi eld Cup; J Piper- Joint Winner of the ighfi eld Cup. Vegetables: C Moriarty - 3 culinary herbs, E Maulden - 4 red beetroot, 1 marrow, 6 runner beans, Y Eady - 4 carrots long pointed, longest runner bean, any other vegetable, A Goodchild - 4 potatoes, 3 onions from seed, 3 onions from sets, 6 shallots, 6 pickling onions, 1 red cabbage, 4 carrots stump rooted, 2 greenhouse cucumbers, A Witherby - 5 tomatoes, 9 cherry tomatoes, 1 wackiest vegetable, F Fletcher - 3 courgettes. Flowers: C Moriarty - 3 dahlias other than pom

pom or ball, E Maulden - 6 fuchsia blooms, Y Eady - 3 perennial fl owers,  annual asters, 1 fuchsia, 1 cactus or succulent, ase of cut fl owers 9 stems, A Goodchild - 3 dahlias pom pom or ball, 3 spray chrysanthemums, 3 any other fl ower,  itherby  fl owering pot plant, pot plant for foliage, M Wilson - 3 stems of roses.

Flower arrangements: J

Crabb  fl ower arrangement on an egg cup, fancy buttonhole, fl ower arrangement in a tea cup and saucer, arrangement with foliage only, M Medhurst  fl ower arrangement pastel shades.

Homemade produce: E Maulden - Victoria Sponge, 1lb jar jam, 1 jar. chutney, B Hammond - 4 fruit scones, Y Eady - cherry cake, ginger cake, 4 pieces of shortbread, A Goodchild 4 - cheese scones. Photography: B Hammond - Relaxing in the garden, J Piper - An insect or bug B Medhurst - Feeding time.

Halesworth in Bloom Annual Awards Ceremony

IT’S that time of year again! You are invited to join Halesworth in Bloom at its annual Awards ceremony at The Cut on Tuesday 29th October, 6.30pm for 7pm start. Our Guest Speaker this year is Cathy Smith from Suffolk Wildlife Trust, whose talk will focus on the benefi ts to wildlife that can be created in front gardens. Commended and Highly Commended Certifi cates will be presented for front gardens (as nominated by the people of alesworth, for business fl oral frontages, and for allotments. Lesley

Pyke engraved glass trophies will be presented by our Patron Michael Imison to the winners in each category to keep for a year, as well as to the Best Children’s Project, the Best Newcomer, and the ost Signifi cant Contribution to Halesworth in Bloom. RSVP either by email (halesworthinbloom@ or by leaing your name on the list in the Halesworth in Bloom folder in the Library (ask at the desk.

Singing Workshop With Sally Davies At The Cut

HALESWORTH Community Choir is delighted to be hosting a very special “one off” singing workshop led by the renowned Sally Davies, a choir leader with a dynamic and infectious style. Sally leads workshops all over the country and her folk song arrangements are sung by many choirs and smaller a cappella groups (for more information see www. sallyda. The workshop is on Sunday 20th October, 10am to 4pm, at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth (8 New Cut, IP19 . here will be breaks for refreshments and for a “bring and share” lunch. Everyone is welcome –

there’s no need to read music or to have any previous

singing eperience. o fi nd out more or to book tickets, please contact Halesworth Community Choir by email:

GARDEN SERVICES Lawn cutting • Strimming

• Borders Hoed

• Lawn Edges Trimmed • Garden Tidying

FULLY INSURED David Aldridge 07824 194674

Local Family Business

Specialist Tree & Garden Worker All kinds of trees expertly felled, topped & pruned

• All rubbish removed • All roots destroyed • Hedges pruned & trimmed • Turfing • Fencing & Creosoting • Jet Washing • Drives & Patios

Phone: 07796 506 060 0800 007 6984

*7 day cooling off

Holton & Blyford Village Hall

Tote Results for September

1st prize £25, no. 85 Mr and Mrs Burchmore, 2nd prize £10 no. 37 Martina Calver, 3rd prize £5,

no. 28

Beanlands, 4th prize £5 no. 49 Richard Handley.


Autumn offers on Lawnmowers, Hedge Trimmers & Multi-tools

Also Available: Composts, fertilizers, vegetable seeds and sundries. Wild bird food, dog food and much much more!

The Forge, Sibton IP17 2JH Tel. 01728 660 349

Tim Harrison's Tree Services Est 2000

C & G Qualified Tree Surgeon Fully Insured


FRIDAY 4th. Wise Children  by ngela Carter, fi lmed live at York Theatre Royal, March 2019, 7.30pm, multi- award-winning director Emma Rice brings her unique, exuberantly impish vision to Angela Carter’s great last novel in this brand-new play. A big, bawdy tangle of theatrical joy and heartbreak, Wise Children

is ‘pure,

unadulterated theatre’ (5 Stars  roadway orld performed by a talented ensemble cast. Saturday 5th. ELO Encounter, 7.30pm ELO, it’s a spectacular live show from start to fi nish. Stunning lights and special effects create an atmosphere

that will you fully immersed in . .

have the

whole experience. As the ELO Encounter reel off ELO classic hit after hit, it’s guaranteed to have the hairs on the back of your neck dancing in time to the music!!

Monday 7th, Fisher Theatre

Cinema, ll is rue,  7.45pm. The year is 1613, and Shakespeare is acknowledged as the greatest writer of the age, but disaster strikes when his renowned Globe Theatre burns to the ground. Tuesday 8th. Matinee Cinema, Calamity ane . In the lonely backwater of Deadwood, Dakota, sharpshooter Calamity Jane oris ay falls for Calary Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin hilip Carey when forced to rescue him from the Indians.  fi lm that captures the wild capers of Calamity Jane, a real character, her saloon, and her eventual romance with Wild Bill Hickok. Wednesday 9th. Don Giovanni, from the Royal Opera House, 6.45pm. Sexual intrigue, jealousy, wit, anger and retribution! The new Royal Opera Season begins with Mozart’s engaging masterpiece, which follows

Don Giovanni, the women he serially seduces, and the engeance that fi nally catches up with him. Thursday 10th. The Affair, Gibbons & Gaulier Theatre Company, 7.30pm. A hilarious and thoroughly uplifting new play

about relationships,

which has all the ingredients of a great comedy clown, bouffon, vaudeville


slapstick! With a sprinkle of drama and a splash of tragedy, this cake I mean pizza, is ready to eat.

Saturday 12th. The British Invasion Show.


Britannia Ruled the Airwaves, 7.30pm, Johnny Warman brings you a night of classic tracks by all-conquering heroes of the US, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cream, The Small Faces, The Kinks and many more. You’ll experience music that changed a generation – and the world.

Tree Surgery & Precision Felling Hedge Cutting • Stump Grinding Free Quotations

12 Silver Ley, Redisham, Beccles, Suffolk. NR34 8LX Telephone 01502 575921


With utmost pride all works to be completed under qualification to the highest and safest standard ~ fully insured

BUSINESS 07392 148344 Home 01502 476055

Lawrence Tree Services

Tree Pruning Reductions, Felling, Stump grinding,

wood chips supplied Fully insured. NPTC trained staff

Telephone 01986 875036 or 07768 181315

   

0280 0



POULTRY available at Christmas – free-range and fed on our own feed.

White and Bronze Turkeys, Chickens and Ducks Christmas orders being taken now Quality at reasonable prices

Christmas Trees – All sizes, Rooted or Sawn STEPHENSON

WOODSIDE FARM, LODGE ROAD, HOLTON Tel: Halesworth 873651 e:

810290 . .


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