10 October 2019 Halesworth & Southwold Community News A DIY WILL COULD BE MORE


IN 2018 the High Court recorded a one-third increase in the number of probate disputes and it is generally believed that in the main DIY wills are to blame for the sharp increase.

Greta explained;- “Even

when the family’s affairs are straightforward you should think long and hard whether to draw up a DIY will. Time and time again, we come across procedural mistakes which invalidate the will. Then the intestacy rules apply, which is exactly what the will maker was trying to avoid.” That is why it is important people consult a professional to write a will for you. Probate law is complex and small mistakes

or omissions can

mean the will does not achieve what you wanted to or can be difficult to put into effect. A specialist solicitor can also provide tax saving advice

AT the last minute Dawn Davis gallantly stepped into the breach as our booked speaker, Mark Hall,

and help safeguard against potential claims against an estate.

What you are paying

for is not just some words on paper, but peace of mind in the short term and possibly saving thousands of pounds in the long term. You want your loved ones to be secure and remember you with affection, rather than having to end up in a dispute because of a mistake or a badly worded gift. And the cost of getting this peace of mind including a face-to-face discussion with a reputable, experienced, local solicitor? £150 for a basic will or £210 for a pair of basic mirror wills at GOODWIN COWLEY SOLICITORS, in BECCLES (29 New Market) or LOWESTOFT (3 Regent Road). Do pop in or ring 01502 712 999 (Beccles) or 01502532700 (Lowestoft) to arrange to see Greta Tancred.

Wenhaston WI was

unable to come. His lecture was to have been on, ‘A History of British Funerals’, so we hoped dawn’s talk on ‘Geology the Foundation of Life’, would be more cheerful. All living things are made of elements, minerals being their building blocks. Geology impacts on everything in life. The worrying aspect of what we were told is that we are squandering these elements

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Halesworth Day Centre

THANK you everyone who supported

our recent Nurses. coffee

morning. We look forward to you all supporting our next event in support of the Macmillan

come along on Saturday 5th October 10am-12noon. We are pleased to have welcomed

Please several new

members over recent weeks. If you, or someone you know would like to come on Tuesdays and/or Fridays please contact us (01986 835838), leave a message or drop in.

and they are not finite. or example;

should we really

be using helium in balloons when it should be saved for important machines like MIR scanners? To be ‘green’ it is suggested that all cars should run on electricity but the problem is there are not enough of the elements needed for this to be possible. It is also forecast that in 20 years there will be no more zinc or indium, both of which are needed in the manufacturing of mobile phones.

All-in-all Dawn’s talk

showed us how important it is to recycle before civilisation as we know it grinds to a halt. British Funerals might have been more uplifting! Next month Dr Isobel Skypala talks to us about allergies, this is an open meeting.

Dates for your diaries: October 5th Macmillan Nurses coffee morning 10am- 12pm. November 9th, sale, 10am-12noon, November 18th, committee meeting, 3pm. November 16th, 90th birthday tea for Jean 2pm-4pm. November 23rd, hot buffet cost £2 per head 10am-1pm. December 3rd, Christmas lunch 12noon, cost £10 per head all inclusive. December 6th (Tuesday) Christmas lunch 12pm £10. December 7th, Christmas tea, 2pm-4pm, December 10th, Christmas lunch, 12pm, £10. Friday 13th December, hot buffet lunch 11.30am-1pm £5. We close over the Christmas period December 16th-January 6th. Jean A Macheath Secretary

Halesworth Diary 2020

CLUB Secretaries are invited to send us their dates of meetings etc for inclusion (free of charge) in the 2018 Halesworth Diary. Display advertisement spaces for businesses are available, please contact us for details.

News from Halesworth

Community Church

WHILE writing this report, I am having a text conversation with a man who is in a difficult situation. He has been in it for a while. In the past, he would be rushing around, trying to change his circumstances. He is a Christian man, and he knows that for him, at this time, that would not be right. There will come a time when those difficult circumstances will change, but for now, what is more important is that he changes. It has been a privilege to walk with him on his journey through impatience and frustration to a place where he has found peace.


Last Sunday (22nd) a young got married. Nothing

unusual about that but it was a new beginning for this lovely Ugandan lady who came to us some years ago struggling with ME and with self-worth around zero. We couldn’t change her circumstances and nor could she, but she did ask us to journey with her. We did, and it has been so gratifying to see her enter this new phase of her life with so much more confidence and hope.

Many of the circumstances

we find ourseles in are not of our choosing. Some of them are. It is always tempting to escape the uncomfortable when we do have the choice, but not always right. What we all need is someone to journey with us, to help us understand, so that we respond in a way that makes us better, not bitter. That is what church can be – a place where we journey together, hear God together and learn how to respond so that we change for the better.

For more information,

please visit the website: www. halesworthcommunitychurch. org

John Sparkes

Free hearing assessments on offer in Halesworth

ONE local business is holding a free hearing care event to enable

the residents of

Halesworth to communicate with confidence. Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 people in the UK and it takes 10 years on average before those who have noticed a loss in their hearing choose to seek help. Research has also proven that other than a reduced quality and experience of life, hearing loss can also lead to cognitive decline resulting in conditions such as depression and dementia.

The Hearing Care Centre,

which is a family-run business with 26 centres across East Anglia, will hold a special Hearing Care Day at their clinic in Jeffery & Associates Opticians, Halesworth on Thursday 24th October from 9am until 5pm. Complimentary hearing assessments will be on offer at the event, as well as professional advice from The Hearing Care Centre’s award winning team to help you hear to your full potential.

Karen Finch, founder and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre said, “Making the decision to book a hearing

assessment really can be life- changing. Those who take action to treat their hearing loss report improvements in their overall quality of life and this has a positive impact on one’s relationships by improving their ability to communicate effectively.” o find out more information

or to book an appointment, call The Hearing Care Centre on Freephone 0800 096 2637 or visit halesworthopenday

The Pear Tree Fund Newsletter WE are delighted to report the

scaffolding is now down on the Pear Tree Centre, revealing the building in all its’ glory. We held a “topping out” ceremony in August and you can see a video and all the latest photos on our website.

The hard landscaping is now taking shape. Designed by Ed Flaxman this garden is to be as an “extra room” where visitors can relax and chat

with volunteers and

staff or find a quiet corner to reflect. here will be a water feature and seating on a terrace under a pergola, while the complementary therapy room and the counselling room will have their own private area. After discussion with the Kell family the Trustees have decided to call the garden “Richards’ Garden” in memory of Dr Richard Kell who sadly died in July. Richard was such a driving force for the centre and Halesworth Health and worked so hard to keep health services local and at a high standard. A series of living scenes that change with the light and seasons, a garden provides a healing connection with nature; we all feel it is a ery fitting tribute to a very special man, of whom everyone will have their own memories, whether they were a patient, colleague, friend or his lovely family. The Trustees are inviting anyone, who would like to contribute towards the garden in memory of Richard, to make a donation via our website at www.peartreefund. org or contact Jane Edwards on 01986 784393.

The building should be finished by the middle to end of October with a view to opening at the end of the year. We have appointed Seva Newrick as the Manager; she brings with her a wealth of experience of the services that patients need to access in this locality. The deputy and admin posts are in the process of being appointed and, once the team is in place, Seva will be contacting the volunteers who have registered with us to arrange their training and induction.

THIS month we have the following walks. Wednesday 9th, meet 10.30am at the car park, the Harbour Inn, Southwold for a 3-mile grade 2 to 3 walk. Monday 14th, meet 2pm at the car park, Southwold Road Trading estate, Holton for a 1-mile grade 4 walk. Wednesday 16th meet 10.30am at the car park, beside Blythburgh village Hall for a 2.5 mile grade 3-4 walk. Wednesday 23rd meet 10.30am at the car park, Lodge lane, Wissett for a 3-mile grade 4 walk. Monday 28th, meet 2pm at the Thoroughfare car park, Halesworth for a 1.5-mile grade 2 walk. Wednesday 30th meet 10.30am at the car park, the Harbour Inn, Southwold for



• PRMP & RA SRC •  DA DR • ARG R SMA ADS

On September 6th we held our annual golf competition at the Halesworth Golf club. A highly successful day which raised £4,813 with the winning team receiving our new glass trophy designed and engraved by Lesley Pyke on a base made by the Men’s Shed. The Trustees would like to thank John Giles for his support and help in organising the event, Richard Davis, Ellie Andrews and her staff, the ground staff and our sponsor Lois Hunt; not forgetting the golfers, who came from all over East Anglia, the two captains Ken Parry- Brown and Racheal Goldsmith, the scorer Eric Felgate and finally all the olunteers who helped make the day run smoothly.

we will

On Sunday 6th October be

celebrating The Pear our

30th anniversary by holding celebration tea Abbey.

(formerly the Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund) was set up in 1989 by its founders Nikki Sawkins, Jane Edwards and Barbara Kell to “work alongside the NHS and Social Services to provide extra equipment and 24 hour care so that those who wished to die in their own homes can do so”. Since then there have

been many changes in social care and NHS provision, the statutory care has increased with more provision of funds to keep people in their own homes, but this still falls short in night care or 24 hour care. The fund has adapted its proision accordingly to fill the gaps. Most equipment is now provided by the NHS but we fund the short term hiring of equipment such as stair lifts. This provision is restricted to Cutlers Hill patients. Our new venture, The Pear Tree Centre will serve a population of around 50,000, in an area of 15 miles radius of Halesworth. The Pear Tree Centre will be a one stop shop to offer information and support to anyone who has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness as well as their families and carers. The Centre

a 3.5-mile grade 2 walk. Halesworth Walking 4 Health, part of OneLife Suffolk, the free healthy lifestyle service for the county are in your area offering free health walks. Our walks are available for those wanting to become more active, meet new people and explore our beautiful county. The health walks are led by trained volunteers and graded from 1 to 5 (1 being suitable

at Leiston Tree Fund

will serve as a venue for groups such as the Parkinson’s Society and dementia groups as well as supporting people through their illness with adice on benefits, complementary therapies, counselling and “well being sessions”.

Fund raising activities are continuing. Our Trustee fund raiser continues to apply to various Trusts and organisations.

Dee’s Den

charity shop and our wonderful band of volunteers contribute a healthy sum, while Big C the well-known Norfolk charity is helping to support the cancer side of the Centre by helping with specialist training and a grant oer the net fie years. Our events committee are planning and organising events through-out the year which will be publicised on our website. Your donations and extra fund raising support makes all the difference and we are extremely grateful for the wonderful generosity of the local people. We have received donations via Golden Giving, My Donate and individual donations from Alan Witherby and Mrs Jackson. afield ll Saints Singers donated £150.29 after singing in the Thoroughfare during August, and

The Queens

ead at ramfield donated £155.75 from their book sales. Collection tins in the town collected by iie Chipperfield, raised £23.61.

The Knights

held a family party and donated £94.

Our thanks go to you all for your support.

There have been donations to the Pear Tree Fund in memory of Raymond Smith, Athelmy (Lonz) Townshend and Richard Kell. Again the trustees would like to thank all those who contributed at such a sad time. The

50/50 club winners

in July were Serena Inskip, Maureen Austey and AM & SE Gow. In August the winners were Stuart Ferguson, Elizabeth Robertson and Bill Pagan.

Halesworth Walking for Health Group for




and 5 being more challenging, including stiles and/or a faster pace.) There is no need to book in advance for a health walk, you can just turn up but please arrive 15 minutes ahead of the start time when attending your first walk to register. o find out more about our health walks and all other OneLife Suffolk services, log on to


Phone: Halesworth 01986 835826 07771362725



Call for Free Quotation Over 30 years experience





Tel: 01986 781397 Mob: 0774 8697067

Email: FREE


135 5 6 9

6 32 2 46

70 8 0 78


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