stairways and ramps do not discriminate against any disability group. On access ramp gradients, which vary from two through to five degrees, handrails need to be positioned on both sides, or centrally for a wide path, to allow a choice of which arm to use for support. They should be installed on both sides of the ramps that are longer than two metres and should, where possible, extend 300 mm beyond the top and bottom of the ramp or staircase. The Building Regulations stipulate an outside diameter tube size for such installations of between 40 and 45 mm, and must be offset in the case of a mid-height handrail.

Architects and specifiers must satisfy these regulatory requirements, yet also be able to meet customer demands on aesthetics as well as on cost-effective options. This is really important on retrofit projects, where the time and cost involved in removing handrails and replacing with a new structure can seem incredibly expensive.

One option is to adapt existing handrails to meet the requirements of Part M and the Equality Act. There are many solutions on the market which are ideal for heavy traffic environments, and which allow both speedy

and seamless retrofitting as well as hassle-free and simple installation in a new build. This is hugely important to those businesses where there is no option of down time.

There are fittings available which provide versatility to help adapt to a particular installation’s requirements. These ensure that handrails can be assembled at any required angle, or to offer a midpoint connection to dual handrails, when required. One-piece 90˚ corner elbow and an adjustable elbow fitting, meanwhile, ensure that any new handrailing structure created can cope easily with different angles and changes in direction. Product ranges which include ‘Add-on’ offset fittings remain popular; they lend themselves well to retrofit projects, where the new handrail can simply be added onto an existing structure of the appropriate size. Given the requirements of the Equality Act and Building Regulations, architects should aim to have handrail systems installed which children, the elderly, the disabled and even able-bodied adults can benefit from.

Christian King is general manager at Kee Systems

C-TEC safeguards award-winning care home

C-TEC systems provide the highest levels of protection at Milesian Manor, an award-winning care home in Magherafelt. Communication is facilitated by a powerful Quantec addressable call system specifically tailored to meet the home’s requirements. Each bedroom is equipped with a call point and patients

have their own tail call leads for assistance calls. Door entry/exit monitoring systems are also in operation powered up by a series of C-TEC’s EN54-4 certified power supplies. At the heart of the home’s fire protection system is one of C-TEC’s revolutionary ZFP 4-loop addressable fire panels connected to four stylish compact controllers. Making towers smoke safe Introducing the Earthborn #Claymates

Earthborn has relaunched its website with some wonderful new features, offering paint colour ideas, decorating tips, the latest news and competitions. Earthborn paint is special, with some truly unique qualities. Its signature Claypaint is made from real clay, making it luxuriously thick and creamy, highly breathable and with a distinctive ultra flat matt finish. To help spread the word, Earthborn asked five fabulous interiors bloggers to contribute to a year of inspiring projects and room makeovers. Troughout 2019 Earthborn will be working with five brand ambassadors, dubbed the Earthborn #claymates! Across the year, you can check out their personal projects and room makeovers, all using Earthborn. Tey are Soozi Danson from Te Patterned Palace (@soozidanson); Kimberly Duran from Swoonworthy (@swoonworthyblog); Luke Arthur Wells (@lukearthurwells); Jess Hurrell from Gold is a Neutral (@gold_is_a_neutral) and; Emma Jane Palin (@emmajanepalin).

If you would like to get involved in the #claymates campaign, join Earthborn on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where there will be competitions – hosted by each of the #claymates – plus a special discount code for the website.

gsp Städtebau, Berlin

Following the acquisition of STG-Beikirch in 2016, Kingspan Light + Air has increased its smoke management solutions offering in the UK market. A notable life-saving solution in the STG- Beikirch range is the Smoke Pressure System (SPS). In the event of a fire,

SPS – also known as overpressure ventilation systems – save lives by ensuring escape and rescue routes remain smoke-free for building occupants and firefighters. If a fire occurs, the SPS detects smoke and floods the escape and rescue areas with fresh air, keeping smoke out.

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