Fire Safe Facade Refurbishment A

new replacement facade system being installed at a high-rise residential building in Leeds brings

the structure up to compliance with the new government guidance. Two derelict blocks at Saxton Gardens in

Leeds were completely renovated in 2007, providing 410 new apartments in an ambitious urban redevelopment. To give the blocks an aesthetically pleasing exterior, the architects designed the facades with varying window sizes, slot balconies and contrasting coloured cladding. The new owners and tenants rated the development highly. Ten years later, an assessment of the facade

design determined that the cladding used on one of the two blocks did not meet sufficiently high safety standards, and the decision was taken to upgrade the facade. EnviroSips Limited, specialist designers, manufacturers and installers of structural insulated panel systems, were engaged to carry out the facade refurbishment on behalf of the property management company. The existing 27-metre high facade is being removed and replaced with A2 rated,

non-combustible cladding materials while the building remains fully occupied. The renovation is in full compliance with revised government guidance for buildings above 18 metres. The new regulations came into effect on 27 December last year and relate to external wall construction in buildings that contain one or more dwellings. One element of the system being installed

is a superior flame retardant breather membrane. FlameOut Breathe is rated Class B-s1,d0, the highest level for flame retardancy in the Euroclass system. “This project represents an excellent example of providing an integrated upgrade solution to

BMI Icopal hot melt provides great result

Pupils at a South East London school can now enjoy sport at height thanks to the timely completion of a rooftop ‘multi-use games area’ or MUGA. Flat roof specialist Byford Roofing tackled the job knowing that the installation was

complex and demanding but also that the schedule was tight. Given the demanding nature of the contract, Byford was pleased with the result. “I was happy with the spec we put forward,” he said. “It has worked well and it enabled us to complete the project on time and within budget. Working with materials that we trust such as BMI Icopal Parabit Hot Melt Duo, helped us achieve a really satisfying outcome.”

01908 015760 BMI combine to deliver a thief-proof roof

Sympathetic locally-sourced materials, technical expertise and market-leading guarantees led Vale of Glamorgan Council to choose BMI Redland and BMI Icopal materials when re-roofing an early 20th

century primary school. “We chose

BMI because it could offer us 15-year guarantees on the products; the roof slate was made from locally-sourced materials and because the pitched and flat products could work in conjunction on the details,” says Paul Hynam, Consultant Building Surveyor to the project. “We’d worked with BMI before using its SpecMaster service for pitched roofs and knew that it would oversee the job closely.”

01908 015760

bring this housing development in line with the most stringent fire safety standards. ITP's flame retardant breather membranes work well to provide an efficient, safe cladding installation,” said Richard Evans, Director at EnviroSips and the ESL Group. Produced by North Yorkshire firm Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), FlameOut Breathe is part of their flame retardant range of vapour control layers (VCLs) and breather membranes, including the UK’s only Class A2 non-combustible membrane.

01347 825200

Complexity simplified with Torch-on system The 4,250m2

flat roof of Unit 800 at Aztec West is

not only one of the most complex roofs in Bristol it is also one of the most securely guaranteed after being re-roofed with a BMI Icopal’s Torch-on system. “The technical support from BMI is always

excellent,” says Matthew Goddard of Mitie Tilley Roofing. “Tapered insulation was designed and detailed by BMI to create falls in the areas of the building that had flat decking, with sumps to the perimeter to keep ponding water to a minimum. Regular inspection visits by the BMI technician ensured that any difficult details were overcome quickly and effectively, ensuring a very high standard of work.”

01908 015760 Zen garden resort uses Cupa 12 slates

A unique roofing and cladding project at Zen Garden Resort in Zánka (Hungary) has chosen CUPA 12 slates for their unique triangular resort homes. The project was done in collaboration with distributor Teto Horn Kft, located in Hungary. Slate provides a natural look that fits perfectly

into the green landscape surrounding the resort. The trees are part of the Zen Garden Resort appeal and natural slate has been naturally integrated. As it is a natural material, slate’s integration into the landscape becomes quite easy.

020 3904 3001

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