Specifying for Sustainability S

ustainability is not always the first priority in commercial washrooms. However, if the five principles of

sustainability are factored into product selection, specifiers can ensure the buildings’ environmental credentials are assured.

Fit-for-purpose Domestic tapware is regularly installed in commercial washrooms through habit, or for aesthetic reasons. However, a domestic WC cistern with plastic components is ineffective in a football stadium. Cistern refill times are too long between flushes and mechanisms quickly wear out. Conversely, a direct flush WC, such as TEMPOFLUX 3, withstands repeated use and the flush is instantly available for successive flushes.

Waste prevention In commercial washrooms, waste occurs through neglect or voluntary abuse. Taps with an automatic shut-off will minimise waste. The water delivery is split into wetting, soaping and rinsing, which reduces consumption to a minimum. However, where

TEMPOMATIC 4 “intelligent” urinal

abuse is rife, anti-blocking systems are effective. Water only flows once the push-button is released, or electronic systems will lock-out if a sensor is permanently activated or operated too frequently within a given time period.

Improved efficiency Many urinal installations flush continuously to optimise hygiene but waste water. However, DELABIE has developed the TEMPOMATIC 4 “intelligent” urinal valve which detects busy periods and adapts its rinsing accordingly. During peak periods, the bowl is rinsed between users and at the end of the busy period, a complementary rinse

Miena: fine-edged washbasin bowls

Kaldewei have produced yet another iconic bathroom design with the Miena washbasin bowls. The washbasin bowls are made of superior single layer of steel enamel combining the highest standards of minimalist design with a unique fine-

edged quality. The Miena washbasin bowls are round or rectangular and come in two different sizes. What is completely new is the diversity of colour: customers can choose from the exclusive Coordinated Colours Collection, such as Oyster Grey and Lava Black allowing for greater individuality. All Kaldewei steel enamel bathroom solutions are 100 per cent recyclable and are supplied with a 30-year guarantee.

01480 498053 Distinctive dark oak and bronze washrooms

Washroom designer and manufacturer, Washroom Washroom has completed the installation of new washrooms for a London office utilising a striking dark oak and bronze design to complement the building’s distinctive Art Deco interior. Working

with Nick Jordan from interior architecture and design company, WISH, Washroom Washroom installed new washrooms on the second floor of the building which were designed to complement the Art Deco style of the building. Each cubicle includes its own bespoke vanity unit, with veneered vanity under panels and wall panels both stained to match the toilet cubicle doors and link the washroom areas to together.

occurs, cleaning the bowl and preventing crystallisation of uric acid in the pipes.

Design for future use Electronic controls offer different operating modes which can adapt to changing usage patterns. DELABIE’s TEMPOMATIC WC offers choices: various flush length options; adjustable flow rate and flush volume to suit system conditions and pan size; and varying detection distances. The installation can adapt to future use without replacing the operating mechanisms.

Design for de-construction, re-use and recovery For true sustainability, materials need to be durable and 100 per cent recyclable. Water controls are no exception. DELABIE’s products are designed to withstand intensive and prolonged use. Made from hard-wearing materials such as brass, stainless steel and Hostaform, they can also be fully recycled – even electronic models.

01491 824449 Delivering over 1,100 bathroom pods

Offsite Solutions, one of the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturers, has manufactured and delivered 1,178 bathroom pods for two new student housing schemes developed by Mace. The contracts are worth

over £2.6 million to Offsite Solutions. The Offsite Solutions design team worked closely with Mace to develop a standardised ensuite pod solution which can be used on multiple student schemes. This GRP composite pod which is fully fitted out in the factory, has only left and right-hand variations for maximum efficiency in manufacturing. Launch of the CLG-W10 Outdoor Subwoofer

The new CLG-W10 subwoofer is designed to bring the bass outside. It can be partially buried in a garden border or positioned on a deck or patio area. The compact dimensions make it extremely versatile and provide

the system designer with a variety of installation options. The CLG- W10 is the latest addition to Monitor Audio’s Climate Garden System and is designed to augment the low frequencies when teamed with any of the outdoor speakers in the series.


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