AET Flexible Space goes Down Under

AET Flexible Space has won their first order from Australia, for the supply of their underfloor air conditioning equipment for the new build development of the Warilla Library located in New South Wales, Australia. The system specified for the

Warilla Library is a CAM-V system is split into four zones. The conditioned air is introduced into the workspace using around 15 TU4 Fantiles per zone and the spent air is received back at high level before returning to the CAM for reconditioning. Fantiles recess into the underfloor void and the whole system is networked together and can be controlled using the Flexmatic Touch display unit connected to the CAM.

01342 310400

Warm welcome at National Army Museum

JS Air Curtains has supplied two Zen air curtains for the recently refurbished National Army Museum in Chelsea, London, to provide a warm welcome to visitors in its reception foyer and gift shop. The air curtains seal the entrances while the doors are open with an invisible barrier of air, preventing cold air

entering in the winter and cool air escaping in the summer. The Zen air curtain was selected to architecturally fit in with the design of the interior and, in the case of the foyer, match the colour of the doorway. Improving air quality with Flowcrete’s M1 Certified Floors

Flowcrete UK has successfully achieved the M1 standard of emissions classification for its Comfort Resins flooring collection. This certification means that architects, specifiers and facilities managers can choose to install these finishes, safe in the knowledge that the floor will contribute to a healthier indoor environment for the end user. Finland’s Building Information Foundation RTS developed the M1 emissions classification system to encourage the use of low-emitting building materials. The system includes three categories, with M1 being the lowest emission class that can be achieved. Maintaining a healthy interior air standard is important for spaces where large numbers of people spend a significant amount of time, such as offices and schools and is particularly critical for locations including hospitals and care homes. Managing Director of Flowcrete UK, Kevin Potter, said: “We have successfully developed a full range of low-emitting flooring materials. This means that designers can specify the finishes they need without having to worry about the effect that the materials will have on the building’s air quality.”

01270 753000 Multi-generational living? Don’t forget the toilet

One issue not generally discussed when talking about multi-generational households is the bathroom – access to, and use of. It’s a growing problem for the households. But it provides potential increase in sales for all involved in the business of bathrooms – architects, builders, plumbers, and retailers. There has been a 46 per cent rise in multi-generational households in less than a decade. It is set to continue: some 60 per cent of people would consider living in a multi-generational household. Set alongside that the fact that, on average, we go to the toilet eight times a day. Multiply that by each resident, and you have a very busy room! But each generation has different needs – children may be young, and not very adept at wiping properly; the senior citizens may equally struggle with wiping, for different reasons – general flexibility, manual dexterity, balance to name a few – but are reticent to ask family to help. The solution is Closomat’s range of wash/dry (shower) WCs. Looking like – and capable of being used as – a conventional WC, the Closomat has integrated douching and drying- the best performance in each on the market. Thus, if preferred, the user does not have to wipe manually.

0161 969 1199 The Principal Transformation

When Russell Hotel was refurbished before reopening as the Principal London Hotel the tiling contractor chosen to fit out the 338 guest bathrooms and public washrooms was Chiltern Contracts, who specified Kerakoll products for their “ease of use and eco credentials”. Kerakoll has adopted a “GreenBuilding” philosophy and tries to apply that to everything it does from the construction of an ecologically friendly R&D facility to the development of new green products and the improvement of existing ones. Time was a factor in some areas so Kerakoll UK’s project manager recommended the use of some of the company’s fast track products: Keracem Eco, a screed that supports foot traffic after eight hours and can be tiled after 24 hours in standard conditions, Biogel Revolution, the rapid-set version of the Biogel range that is ready for foot-traffic and grouting on floors after three hours and grouting on walls after two hours, and Fugabella Eco Flex which is also rapid setting. In areas where the work was not so time-critical Biogel No Limits, the standard set version of the range was used with Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5. Fugabella Silicone was used as a sealant throughout. The results speak for themselves – fast, problem-free tiling giving a beautiful finish.

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